The Dire Straits Experience – Port Adriano

It was an amazing experience and evening for a full house at Port Adriano last Saturday as once again another great band performed. A warm and humid evening but what an evening! I did not know what to expect as Dire Straits is a band from the 1970’s and their first album “Dire Straits” was released as long ago as June 1978. Dire Straits were born and went on to become one of the most famous rock bands of all time. Their music, guitar playing, songs and presence was a rock band with a difference so how would the new “The Dire Straits Experience” thrill the fans but well, they did and it was one of the best concerts that I have seen. A packed venue and for me a wonderful experience. Dire Straits as many wrote had an originality in the name of Mark Knopfler in the style he played the guitar and with Chris White later joining. A sax player whose talent has no limits.

The band were the most successful rock band in the mid 80’s with their famous “Brothers in Arms” World tour. That song became the best selling song in the UK in 1985 but sadly in time the band split as is often the case. So along came Chris White and two other former members that played with the band and in 2011 The Straits were formed, later becoming The Dire Straits Experience with Terence Reis joining who is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. As Chris White has said many times “He is the only person on the planet who is able to sing and play like Mark”. Chris is right and last Saturday we were all entertained by one amazing band with energy, talent and connection. They loved playing and the fans loved them. For over 2 hours plus the music came, the songs we know echoed around the venue and beyond. It truly was a Dire Straits Experience and nobody could deny that. The fans were on their feet, the guitar playing of Terence was unbelievable and the sax, well how can you play it so effortlessly. Every musician in the band were so talented and it showed throughout the concert. The fans cheered for more after their closing song of “Sultans of Swing” from the 1978 album.

So yes, after 2 hours they returned after a few minutes and played some more but all good things have to come to an end and after playing so long, I think the band deserved a cool drink and relaxation. We all wanted more but it was an evening to remember and I was delighted to cover the event for Celebrity Magazine. Once again, a band of quality and excellent organisation by Port Adriano and the promoters. All went smoothly throughout and past midnight everyone left to go home or enjoy a drink at one the bars. There are more events to come at Port Adriano, not all music, but do check out the site for all details on the events schedule and what the port can offer.

So a fantastic event and Celebrity magazine was delighted to cover it and more local events in the future at Port Adriano and beyond. Celebrity Magazine continues to grow and our next published issue will surprise many. So do please visit our website each day at for news, reports, articles and more. Also do see our latest published magazine found at all quality places on the island. Visit us on Facebook for newsletters and offers. You will not be disappointed. David Whitney