We were all one big family on the warm evening of Wednesday July 20th at Port Adriano for the concert of the legendary and iconic Nile Rogers and his amazing band Chic. The concert venue was full and I was lucky to be reporting for Celebrity magazine on what for me was the best concert that I have attended. So Chic for sure as Nile Rogers, my age, but a Mr. Dynamo running on energy that I could not dream of emulating and on stage for nearly 2 hours in a suit singing and playing his guitar and loving every minute of it. Not only was the band chic but so, the audience and it was a delight to see an audience of many ages, dancing, crazy in the heat but singing along to the continuous hit after hit.

Nile was due to perform on this island last year but sadly with the pandemic it was not to be. Hats off to the organisers as he came and performed like no other. What an island we are, with so many big names visiting. I, for one am sure that Mallorca will be the hub of the big names as word get’s around that not only locals love the concerts but International fans come in droves as it was a few nights ago.Tables with high stools, seating at the back of the venue. All could see and certainly all could hear as Nile so polished with his wonderful singers, musicians and stage crew. They could not be faulted. Dance, Dance. Dance and Everyone dance, Le Freak and I want your love. Nile got the love from the fans and the night buzzed to the hits we all know and love. Clearly the band loved performing and we could all feel it. Nile Rogers, 3 time Grammy award winner, Chairman of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and who else on the planet can produce, write and perform on records that have sold over 500 million albums and 75 millions singles Worldwide. Le Freak itself sold over 7 million singles alone.

Who has Nile not written for.?? The biggest hits of many artists flowed from Nile and his magical writing and I for one as many hope that he does return to Mallorca.The drinks flowed, the Moet was out and Nile energised the audience to dancing and singing. The atmosphere was one to behold and all were mesmerised by the band, the singers and the guitar playing of Nile himself. I was hot and not even dancing, well a slight movement now and again!!! but I need what Nile has. He never stopped, but sadly there must be an end and another one bites the dust, another hit written by Nile for Queen and so it was that although the fans had no home to go too, Nile had performed like no other and remember he is 69 years old. I am sure he would have sang until the sun rose but we stood, cheered and honoured a true legend and it was smiles, chats and for many a well deserved drink in one of the bars as the evening came to an end. Well done to all involved and please Nile do return!!!

I covered one of the best evenings for Celebrity Magazine and had the privilege of being part of what was a truly local event with a true International flavour of fans, locals, residents and visitors. Mallorca will surely become a greater magnet for Worldwide stars and Celebrity Magazine will be there for you to bring you into the experience and the evening.More concerts are on the way, pop, classical, alternative and much more. Do please see our published magazine found in quality locations but do check out our superb website to read the magazine and all our online articles. Sign up for our newsletter and be part of the best magazine on the islands. See www.celebritymallorca.es. By David Whitney