Meet the Celebrity Team

Who’s who at Celebrity HQ? Meet the team behind your favourite magazine and put a face to those names you love to read!

Donna Suarez – Publisher

The inimitable Donna, is always in the Celebrity office with a smile on her face and a warm hug for anyone. With heaps of experience in Mallorca and several successful businesses under her belt, Donna truly is the woman ‘in the know’ on the island.

Tel: +34 602 531 676

Matthew Cull – Editor

Cheeky chappy Matthew comes from a background in publishing and advertising and uses his charm to look after our valued advertisers and is also at the editorial helm of Celebrity.
Quick with a one-liner or an interesting story, Matthew is the man you need to know to move your business forward.

Tel: +34 684 169 261.

Larrick Ebanks – Entertainment and Branding Director

Smooth, suave, and sophisticated – we shall leave it there otherwise we will never get his head out of the door! Larrick is not only a talented musician, but he is also the man with his finger on the pulse of the nightlife and music scene in Mallorca. Follow him to go AAA to the best parties in town.

Tel: +34 664 033 490

Ben Mulvey – Feature Writer

Perhaps as cheeky as Matthew but with less of a filter, Ben is a social butterfly who moves around the island meeting people and finding stories for Celebrity. Never too far from a glass of wine, Ben is the man to chat to about ideas and stories and share a drink with – or two!

Tel: +34 605 321 289


Sweet and charming, Peter is our in-house administrator, assisting the whole team with the back up and support they need to keep the wheels spinning from behind the scenes. Don't let that smile fool you, he can crack the whip when it's needed.

Tel: +34 635 691 804

Ayesha Wood – Events

A party in Mallorca is not complete until Ayesha walks in. Likely to be spotted at all of the major hotspots on the island, Ayesha is the woman to ask about club nights, concerts and club openings as well as all things nightlife.

Tel: +34 616 441 201