by David Whitney
For some, the classic car rallies in Mallorca, of which there are two major ones. The Rally Classico from Portals and the Challenge 550 from Port Adriano cause disturbance and are of no benefit. This is not the case as they bring much joy to so many fans. Seeing the cars close up, the amazing rare classic cars not seen here on the island and bringing people together. Not only that, the rallies attract publicity for Mallorca and create revenue for both hotels and local businesses. So benefits for many and especially for the Council of Escorca. Thanks went out to Rally Director Toni Dezcallar a few days ago when the Mayor Toni Solivellas received a cheque for 1,000 euros donated by Toni Dezcallar for the recovery of the olive trees of Cala Tuent.
Aware of the privileged environment of the island of Mallorca, the venue of the competition, Toni Dezcallar has been working for a long time to carry out an increasingly sustainable study regarding the respect of the environment. Accordingly, the Classic Rally Isla de Mallorca, has been committed support the Council of Escorca, where the famous Sa  Calobra section of the Rally takes place. One of the most important areas of the study was to add support to the environmental preservation of the area. During the award ceremony it was made clear that the donation will enable the recovery of more than 1,000 square meters of olive trees. It is indeed, the first seed sown by the Classic Rally of Mallorca in favour of sustainability and the environment. We are all aware that our environment is a privilege and all must collaborate in its protection so as to continue enjoying this unique environment of the island
For his part, the Mayor thanked the Isla de Mallorca Classic Rally for its collaboration, “because it shows the importance of the surroundings of the Island and of Escorca”. He also pointed out that “this is an extraordinary gesture in our work for the recovery and preservation of the Escorca environment”. Both Toni Dezcallar and Toni Solivellas emphasised the importance of the local environment and the Mayor was delighted that the Rally events are committed to the awareness of the environment and of the high economic cost and maintenance committed by public institutions to preserve the environment. So an excellent ceremony and the donation shows that Car Rallies can indeed add much by way of benefits to both local communities and the island generally. Long may it continue.