Life on the Ocean waves was back and over four days, thousands of visitors from both the island and Worldwide enjoyed visiting what was a boat show to suit all. For two years due to Covid the show could not exhibit or bring excitement, joy and dreams to the many who love all that is to do with the sea. Yes, last year the boat show took place but at a later date and smaller. No such restrictions this year and the crowds indeed came in their thousands to view boats, large, small and as they say super yachts, sail and motor all together with the other water toys as they are often called. Stand up electric surfboards, water scooters, jet ski’s and in all some 276 companies exhibited at this prestigious island event.
With over 264 vessels on the water to view, board or, yes to place your order which is what many dream of doing. Even if you are not one to own a boat, however large or small the atmosphere of visiting the show makes for a great day out. Who knows, yes, there are, as they say wealthy customers attending and own boats that dreams are made of, but that is the point. There is something for all at the show and going onboard a super sail yacht or one of the large motor yachts is addictive and maybe a goal to own one is in the minds of many. Win the euro millions or make your own wealth. One day as for many those dreams do come true and a lifestyle on board can become the norm.
For Mallorca, the marine industry is huge with over 850 million euros annual turnover, 650 companies in the sector and 4,500 jobs, so yes, a great day out but a sector that brings much to the island. So for me, a few days walking around, admiring the wonderfully designed boats and going onboard many, making new friends and learning more, not only about boats, the pleasure of ownership but also how many products and companies make the boat efficient, fun to be on and to use it regularly whether with family and friends or for chartering.
It takes time to chat to people, visit boats and to also enjoy the food and drink on offer. One day is not enough to visit the show. Two days, maybe but so much to see and the warm weather made for a superb boat show and feedback was positive. Sales made, orders placed and many visitors now hooked, as they say on being on the water. Your own private space and an opportunity to visit coves around the island or further afield . Crews you need on many and often deep pockets to maintain your dream boat but if you can, then why not?
For me two stand out boats. Tigerlilly of Cornwall, a 1989 sailboat refurbished and now for sale at only around 1.2 million euros, but the owner Roger Taylor of Queen. A beautiful boat and wonderful crew. The other must see boat was the black Batboat as I call it, a one off at present. The Hanstaiger XI, a unique futuristic designed trimaran. A crowd puller and the interior was out of this World as was the design. A chartering season awaits and do look out for an exclusive Celebrity interview, a first ever with the young captain of this must see boat.
So much to see, savour and learn at what is a Boat Show for all. Families were there, couples, individuals, and the glamour which is often what many see on the films and in the to be seen marina’s around the Med and the World. Much is true but a great show, great people and an inspiration to many. A sector that the island can be proud of . So if you attended the show I am sure you will agree. If you did not then you missed a wonderful day or two out so make note and go next year. We can all be Celebrities and I was delighted to attend the show for our own Celebrity magazine and to report back to our own captain and crew of Celebrity magazine. For more onCelebrity magazine it is available in all good places to collect and to read online with much more so do please visit Promote your business through Celebrity Magazine. The team are here for you. Enjoy.