By David Whitney
Who would want to make the decision that afternoon when La Residencia, a Belmond hotel held what was the first music concert of the season at this iconic hotel set in the beautiful village of Deia. It was gladly not me, but one for Hanna Bornebusch, the PR Manager as to whether and indeed that was the question but of a different meaning. Weather it was of the wet kind as had been threatened with an unsettled evening on Friday 2nd June when the band The Pilgrims were looking forward to perform. Inside? or at the wonderful outdoor concert area Mirador of La Residencia.

So it was that Hanna decided that the performance would be held inside the superb Albeniz event room at the hotel and let us be on the safe side. No umbrella’s or strong winds!. Mallorca, a small island but one where it can be sunshine a few minutes away and torrential rain over you. It turned out to be a dry and sunny evening after all but the packed hall of over 70 guests smiled and applauded and sunshine filled the hall as The Pilgrims performed.

The hall has a huge terrace so guests could take in the views over Deia, enjoy a drink from the bar and meet new people.

As always Hanna and her team were at hand to chat and organise prior to start of the concert. Yes, we could not believe the weather was fine but better safe than sorry, as they say! Soon the guests were called to take to our seats and an introduction about the evening and, it’s good cause, the Deia Festival and about the band was met with anticipation as the musicians took to their places. 

Not an empty seat in the room. Within minutes we were all lifted by the talents of each player and the sound. The Pilgrims play what one can describe as a bluegrass type of music which is blended with jazz, blues and gospel. The violin, the guitar, the banjo, the singing and all instruments created for me what also had an Irish, Celtic flavour of music and songs. It was upbeat and great songs. A wonderful mix.

A short break to chat and another drink before we were taken off again into the dynamic music of the violin and banjo.

The only disappointment was when the concert ended, but wait! There’s more! And without hesitation we were given a few encores before Hanna returned with her team to thank us all for coming. It was a pleasure and the band was met with loud applause. The Pilgrims had as expected performed without fault. Lifted our spirits and that is what music is about. It takes us all away from our daily concerns and for a few hours we can all come together to enjoy what was another evening to remember at La Residencia, a Belmond hotel and one that Mallorca is proud to present to guests both local and Worldwide. Well done to all and we now await the other concerts of Deia in the months to come.

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