The future is electric we are told on a daily basis with new cars, net zero and technical details filling our brains with confusion. Well, my brain was clear last Thursday as I was invited by Raphaela Petrou, the marketing and events team leader of the Company Silent Yachts to their well-phrased electric power event on the water. It was a pleasure to accept as I had been on their Porto Adriano-based Silent 64 yacht previously but this event was on the water off Puro Beach club. How could I refuse and learn more of how the Company was expanding? Not only that, although I was not a daredevil the event was in conjunction with efoilRiders of Mallorca and an after-event celebration at Puro Beach. Well, on behalf of Celebrity Magazine, I had to see more and I took my friend Andre Cretian, Europe’s number 1 close-up magician and he did not disappear all day!!! Arriving at Puro Beach I was not ready for shoes off and a bouncy dingy trip to the Silent 64 which glistened in the sunlight with inflatable slides, pool and decking platforms attached. Still, we made the short trip and I did not fall into the sea although it was inviting. efoilRiders, were in force as they sell a wide range of water toys as they call them from jet skis to newly designed surfboards, all-electric with the surfboard rising onto a foil when you put the power on. Another time I must try but I was on board and welcomed by Raphaela and her team, the Captain and crew.

All were so friendly and that makes for me a special Company as everyone is treated as though they are owners or are ready to buy. Sadly, I am not. YET! All onboard were natural and the guests were also so friendly, chatting and many were taking the opportunity to take out a surfboard. efoilriders are opening in Portals Nous so I am sure Celebrity will be learning more about this young Company and its electrifying toys. Silent Yachts as the name implies are silent as they are solar-powered with only a small diesel engine onboard if needed and that is rarely never. The Yachts also have, what is a small suitcase-size desalination plant which turns seawater into a pure 100 litres of water per hour. Amazing and before I forget these are spacious catamarans, stable and so little maintenance. The brainchild of Michael Kohler with his wife Heike. They started with the idea of a solar yacht, efficient but well-designed and a vision of providing luxury yachts but also protecting the marine environment which is why the Company supports a number of marine Foundations. With over 7 designs of different meters and various stateroom accommodation, the Company has a state of the art production facility in Fano, Italy and another being built, if I recall in Turkey as orders are growing as those who seek a yacht now look at fuel consumption, maintenance costs and also wish to protect the environment. Silent Yachts is certainly the leader but it was a long journey for Michael and Heike, both sailors of experience. They spent from 2004 until 2009 developing and testing how to design an efficient electric propulsion engine and then to design a catamaran. They have sailed over 75,000 nautical miles and spent 6000 days on their yachts.

The Yachts do really work and work well crossing the Atlantic on only solar power. A first-ever such crossing. So the Company and first yacht was born and 5 years of sea trials followed. Now that is something special. A new Group was also created encompassing chartering, management, and tenders and now a Silent Resort is opening on Elizabeth Island, Bahamas, Club Ki’Ama, 16 residences, co-ownership and all solar-powered chartering available to all guests. I await my invitation as this must be another Celebrity article. Another is now planned for Fiji. Decisions!!! A new design, the Vision F82 aluminium yacht is also being built. A helicopter pad, no problem, a Silent small submarine is also available as tenders. So much to take in. It was an exciting afternoon on the water and then back on the dingy and dry land.

We were not finished yet as VIP guests of which Celebrity magazine was one were invited to the after party at Puro beach with drinks, and excellent food served within our private area. All there were happy, genuine and I am sure some will be purchasing a Silent Yacht. My friend Andre, our close-up magician had brought some tricks along, and the guests were amazed by what they saw. How was it possible? I never know but it created another experience for a superb day. I love Yachts and the boat shows but for me there is only one way to go and that is electric Yachting and with Silent Yachts although it will take a lot or persuasion to pull me away from my classic petrol engine cars, that’s another story. I could go on but thanks to Silent Yachts for their invite, to eFoilRiders from Portals Nous and to Raphaela and her team for an electrifying day. I feel certain that Celebrity magazine will be supporting this Company and reminding us all that the sea and marine life is precious to all of us here and Worldwide. For more on Silent Yachts do visit and for renting or buying those water toys check out please check out our website and read our monthly digital magazine which is in both English and Spanish for the best of events, interviews, local news and much more on Please also sign up for our free newsletter. We welcome your feedback, ideas and please do connect with us on advertising your business in what is Mallorca’s number one quality magazine. Celebrity can also film your advert through Celebrity TV so do get in contact. David Whitney &Thanks also to Patrick Art