MAGICAL MOMENTS For all of us living on this magical diverse island or even spending holidays or part of the year here we are blessed to find amazing talent, concerts, and events that make Mallorca that much more special. For those residing here discoveries are made and one such discovery was meeting Andre Cretian. Some say Who? Whilst others know Andre and have seen him perform not only on the island but on mainland Europe and on a number of Spanish TV stations.I enjoy writing about the special people of Mallorca and Celebrity Mallorca magazine through its People of Mallorca series strives to write about those people who you may not know or may have heard of, but their stories are a mystery. For me, it is a delight to bring you into the lives of such people that have made Mallorca their home.Andre Cretian is one such person. We all love magic, the Harry Potter movies bring magic to the screen as have many magicians in the past. How do they do that trick we ask? Well, some perform magic tricks, others illusions and many know of Dynamo, or David Copperfield whose fame is indeed well known. However, illusions especially those on television can be created, those magicians on stage can also use ways to perform their tricks which, from a distance, you cannot believe how that trick is performed.Well, welcome to the World of Andre Cretian, and the World of Close-Up Magic. I met Andre some months ago and was, yes amazed as to the tricks he did in front of my eyes.

Close Up Magic is what it says. It is Close Up, face to face, maybe at your restaurant table or a function as Andre walks around and performs his tricks close up to you. This is Close Up Magic and Andre Cretian is the number 1 Close Up Magician on the island and it is said, the number 1 of Europe. There are maybe a few others here but Andre was the first and he performs his magic in Spanish, English and German. You must see to believe but like me, you will not believe how the trick is done in front of you and your friends. He works with not only cards but coins and other items so his magic is indeed different.I had the pleasure of interviewing Andre, born in Argentina and living here with his Mallorcan wife for over 30 years. Andre has now been performing for over 40 years, starting at 17 years of age in Argentina. He was born in a town, La Plata, some 50 kilometers from Buenos Aries. His parents wanted him to become a lawyer so he studied law at University but his love of magic won him over and law was not to be. He read as many books as he could find on magic from the age of 9 years and at 17 years of age he was performing around Argentina on what was a Government scheme.

Luck was on his side and he continued performing and after 18 years he became professional. So now at a young looking 58 years he has 40 years of experience in his magical hands.Close Up Magic is, as I said, face to face and unlike other magicians nearly all of Andre’s tricks are created by himself. He thinks of an idea and it may take many months to create a trick but he does it, unlike many magicians who do, one can say buy tricks of the shelf. Andre has over 63 tricks in his repertoire. He is a Member of the Association of Magicians in Argentina and London, having to perform some of his tricks that is necessary to be accepted into this Magic Circle. His mentor was another famous magician Fantasio, World famous, who sadly died in 2017, a friend and his mentor.In the early 1990’s Andre decided to move to Palma to further his career and this is where he met his wife and lives in Palma although he does travel and has performed on quality cruise ships, in the USA, and many places on mainland Europe. For 2 years Andre had his own shows on Spanish television. Andre has told me he has read over 2000 books on magic and has worked with the team of Dynamo on some filming. They could not work out how he did his tricks. Now that is something special!Andre Cretian is known by many and he has performed for Rafa Nadal and other well-known people of Mallorca, at private parties and at Corporate events for Mercedes, BBVA, Bacardi and many others. Andre loves nothing more than to leave his guests in awe and amazement with his Close Up Magic. Palma is home, a magical island for a magical person. Do look out for Andre Cretian performing at quality restaurants and hotels on the island. Maybe for your own party or event as he continues to mesmerise all at parties and weddings on the island or in other Countries giving guests, and diners something special to remember from their event or evening out. Mallorca is home to many special people that you may not know but Celebrity Magazine will highlight those special people in our People of Mallorca series. Learn more about them, meet them, read their books or attend one of their events. I am delighted that Celebrity Magazine through the People of Mallorca series can tell you more about those that live here and there is indeed more to come.For more on Andre and a short video do please check out Andre’s website and

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David Whitney