by David Whitney

So many of us have had what can only be termed as a lost year, and more, due to the pandemic restrictions imposed upon us all. We are social animals I am told and indeed who can argue with that. We need to meet, to chat, to debate and to laugh with family, old friends and new. Thankfully, and fingers crossed we are now re-starting our social life again and long may it continue.
This is however, a reality through MESA, Mallorca English Speaking Association, my non profit Association formed a few years back to bring people of all ages and Nationalities together living full or part time on the island and even visiting with the aim to create new friendships and connections though events, lunches, dinner and more. MESA, table, so welcome to our table. Sadly, MESA has been on hold, the table was devoid of people but now the tables were buzzing once more at out first new MESA lunch aptly named ” Revival lunch”  held at the Caixa Forum being the venue for our last lunch before the lockdown.
A superb menu put together by Diego, the restaurant manager was welcomed by all. Some 30 attended to meet and enjoy the lunch, reunite with friends and make new ones. From English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Columbian and Latvian to name but a few of the Nationalities gathering for the Friday lunch a week back. Good people, Good laughs and fun, made even better by our guest Roberto Escobar, son of one Pablo Escobar. Roberto, a talented artist, author of his first now must read book of his life and a film from Hollywood is in the pipeline. Stories flowed at lunch by many, but the real story is that MESA is back and welcomes all. Our next lunch is by request at Caixa Forum again on Friday December 10th
A special menu and price for MESA and more lunches, events and dinners are being arranged. So contact me for details about MESA, it’s aims for supporting good causes and our events, but most of all MESA is alive and well. Join us at our table, bring new ideas, friends of course, but most of all enjoy. MESA is here to stay and you can join for free. A wonderful lunch was had, another to come and even more as Celebrity Mallorca Magazine, is our valued partner in bringing articles, event schedules and promoting business members through advertising island wide and beyond. For more details on MESA please do contact David Whitney, President on