Mallorca International Film Festival

by David Whitney
It was the final night of the 10th year of this prestigious film festival that brings so many stars, directors, producers, writers and those involved in the film industry to Palma. How Mallorca has developed over the years to organise and welcome so many from the film industry to this island. The publicity cannot be overestimated and with the Palau de Congressos de Palma being the venue for the closing awards ceremony and final night film, Mallorca is certainly now on the film industry Worldwide map. Mallorca’s film industry will continue to grow. That is for sure.
I was a part of the media attending on behalf of Celebrity Mallorca magazine but also as an honoured guest of William Graves, the son of Robert Graves. It was the film “ The Laureate ” that had been chosen for this closing ceremony evening. A World premiere no less, and a film with superb actors, Timothy Hughes, Fra Fee and a host of other famous actors. Do check it out. The film, set in the mid 1920’s was based upon the early life of Robert Graves after World War 1. Robert Graves, as many will know was one of the most famous poets and writers of that century. The relationships between his wife Nancy and young poet Laura Riding was complicated and scandalised society at the time. The film brought us all into the life and time of that era so well.
The film directed by the brilliant William Nunez captured the intensity of the relationships, the mental complications of the young Robert Graves caused by World War 1 and his own vulnerability and uncertainties were all there to see in this emotionally captured film. It is a film that should be seen and for those that do not know the history of this most famous poet and writer must visit the Casa de Robert Graves in Deia. The casa remains as it was in the late 1930’s after the Spanish civil war, but so much more with original works, photos and clothes together with a short film on Robert Graves shown before you visit the casa itself .
It was a memorable closing evening for the Festival in the magnificent theatre of this iconic Palma building. Not only was the film itself an occasion to savour and discuss but the audience was drawn into the film and I am sure that many will now want to learn more about the life of Robert Graves who lived in Deia until his death. Now the Fundacion of Robert Graves not only attracts academics for discussion forums in Palma but also visitors Worldwide to visit the casa. His son William Graves works tirelessly for the Fundacion and yes volunteers are needed to help at the casa so do check out their website and be part of the Fundacion.
The Festival evening came to an end with countless media taking photos of the many award winners of the films shown during the Festival week, the actors, writers, producers and directors. All were presented on stage to receive their own Oscars, an unusual, unique, but colourful piece itself. A week of many films shown in Palma, a jury having to make difficult decisions as to choosing the winners, but Palma is the winner as is Mallorca in continuing to create such a wonderful and respected Film Festival. Audiences travelled from afar as did those in the film industry. All are looking forward to 2022 and I am sure that nobody will be disappointed in coming along to see the new films that will be shown in Palma and once again enjoying a night that we can all say, is our own night at the Oscar awards. A fantastic evening and both myself and Celebrity Mallorca magazine were delighted to be there to bring the experience of the evening to all our readers. For more on Celebrity then do please visit Events, interviews, and so much more.