What a Boat Show. Once again the Palma International Boat Show attracted thousands of visitors over the 4 days of the what was the biggest show so far. Great weather, great atmosphere and wonderful boats both on the water and around the show areas. Nautical stands selling everything an owner could wish for but others selling non items, bikes, hats and much more was on display particularly a super collection of motor bikes with chrome shining in the sun.

Something for everyone and a day out to remember. Camera’s were rolling as media descended and I was also delighted to meet with Jens the new owner of The Islander magazine which is the monthly magazine for the Yacht Industry in Europe with interesting articles on new boats and much more. Another Company of Mallorca and as Celebrity Magazine, one of quality. Palma once again excelled and visitors from not only the islands but from far afield made this a truly International events. I say “ Floating Dreams” as probably the majority of those visiting were in awe of the beautifully designed Yachts both sail and motor. A dream to own one was clearly on the minds and in the thoughts of many admiring boats worth millions. Some 18 million euros with a helicopter and catamarans for 11 million euros but dreams can come true and goals achieved.From small craft which are affordable to those that have crews of 40.

All were on display shining and gleaming in the sunshine. Palma is now on the map for the boats show to visit and it seems to grow each year. This year some 271 Companies and 650 boats with some 250 boats on the water. Some 81,000 square metres of exhibition space. Something for all to see and to enjoy with bars and food stalls to entice you to spend a long day at the show.

For me, a long 2 days, the opening Thursday and a hot Saturday walking those kilometres, taking photos and meeting many people. There was the Super Yacht Village as they call it and indeed, they were Super yachts which cost millions to operate a year and this year many boats were using solar panels, electric engines and sustainability was the key to many Companies selling newly designed craft. For some, I am sure that Yachts are polluters and a toy for the rich and famous but this is changing and with so many smaller boats available the Oceans are opening up for many. The environment is in the minds of those looking at a life on the open seas around Mallorca or beyond and the Manufacturers are on the same wavelength in their designs and creations.Palma is one of the most busiest locations for refits, repairs, maintenance and to companies in the Industry. It is something that Mallorca should be proud of.

The Yachting Industry here on the island employs over 5,000 people and generates some 966 million euros and growing. Many buy yachts but also chartering is growing each year as is part ownership of a prestigious boat. More affordable and there are not many owners who use their yachts weekly so to enjoy the life on a wonderful boat with family or friends it makes sense to charter or part own. Another innovation and the industry says that some 4000 orders are now in place for new boats so the Palma Show was the place to be. Maybe put off buying a new car, but buy a boat instead as many can be paid for monthly so I learnt.I was on many boats on my days at the Show and certainly did not want to get off some with such luxury, space and design. One can easily imagine cruising slowly on the sea, sunbathing and enjoying a relaxing dinner. I am sure “Celebrity” is an appropriate name for one of these beautiful boats so that’s the name. Now which boat?. I look forward to meeting many of the friendly people again that I met at many stands and onboard. For me personally the Princess stand was my favourite with creative designs of boats, a range of prices and a superb selection of pre-owned boats. Great hospitality and Princess boats are manufactured in England.

Others were such as Sunseeker but for me those on the Princess Yachts stand were the most welcoming. This is so important as sadly people who wanted to go onboard a boat, maybe worth millions could not unless invited or maybe you did not look the part. However, who knows what that person is worth and never judge a book by it’s cover, I say. Even though, maybe today the boat is not affordable all should be welcomed on board to view as maybe that person has the means to buy or maybe money will come their way. Who will they go to visit. The company that welcomed them. A lesson to be learnt by some whowere representing the Company showing their boats.I must also say it was a delight to see Hard Rock Cafe having a presence at the show. A fun stand area selling merchandise and talking about the Palma Cafe. Friendly all and you could even pose and have your photo taken with your camera in front of a Hard Rock Cafe background holding one of the beautiful guitars available. I did it for fun and I felt the pop star part but with regret my skills in singing and playing are not going to get me into the music business any time soon!!!So well done to the organisers, to Palma and all involved in putting on this prestigious event for Mallorca.

Also well done to all those working so hard on their stands, and boats for some 4 hot tiring sunny days. It is tiring as I have done this myself so hats off to all and anchors away as the show finished on Sunday 30th April. Another successful show rounded off with boat horns sounding and echoing around the streets of Palma. A fantastic Palma International Boat Show. I am certain that those who had not visited Palma before will certainly return, not only to the next boat show but before as Palma and Mallorca offers so much and the Yachting Industry here should be proud that it is known throughout the World. Long may that continue. Please do visit our website and see our new issue on www.celebritymallorca.es. We are now a monthly digital magazine with many other articles also to enjoy online. 
David Whitney