I have said it many times and I will say it again. Mallorca is a mecca for music from pop, classical, rock, techno and heavy metal. This small island has it all and nobody can deny this. From the famous performers who have concerts here to the wonderful classical music festivals and jazz festivals of the summer and now indeed the winter. Mallorca has outdoor venues and excellent indoor venues, bars and restaurants we can all visit and to enjoy live music.

An abundance of talent and organisers abound. We are lucky to have such a selection. On behalf of Celebrity Magazine I was delighted to receive an invitation to what is one of the most prestigious festivals of Jazz of Mallorca. The Jazz Voyeur Festival is now celebrating 15 years. Well done to all involved particularly Roberto Menendez, one of the key figures behind organising this festival, which this season had 4 amazing concerts for all to enjoy. Residents and tourists alike enjoyed them all. It was a pleasure to attend the launch of the Festival held at the Hotel Saratoga in Palma, a hotel renowned for it’s jazz nights. What a rooftop bar and beautiful views across the city. Photos of famous jazz artists adorn the walls and the launch drew journalists and TV presenters to hear all about the upcoming concerts. Roberto introduced all involved and along with Roberto was the singer Carmen Linares. Carmen, one of Spain’s most famous singers of Flamenco songs having just won the “Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts 2022” The first concert of the series featured “Cantaora: 40 years of Flamenco” and it was an honour to meet with her at the Media presentation.Carmen performed at the Trui theatre and a full house were delighted to see one of Spain’s great performers with guest performer Maria del Mar Bonet, another amazing singer and from Mallorca. The second concert, another sell out and you could see why. A Supergroup as it was promoted, playing at The Conservatory. A larger venue next time, should they return as the audience filled the venue and tickets were sold within days. A true Supergroup for sure with the iconic Harvey Mason on drums. A star playing for over 50 years with music legends such as George Benson, Chick Corea, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock amongst so many more. Darryl Jones on bass guitar. What a bassist also playing for legends such as Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton and to top it all Darryl joined the Rolling Stones in 1994 when Bill Wyman retired. Supergroup, YES and on piano Danish player Niels Lan Doky another who performed with such names as Pat Metheny and finally the Saxophone, my favourite instrument, well also the guitar okay, but Bill Evans made up the group and joined The Miles Davis band at 22 years of age. With 17 solo albums to his name, I can confirm he can play! What a super evening and atmosphere.

All was not over as I moved onto the 3rd concert on 17th November, again back to the Trui theatre. It is a delight to represent Celebrity Magazine and did this concert need publicity. Well, it had been promoted but a sell out again as pianists Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Chano Dominguez joined forces playing on what was a unique Yamaha double piano. I am no expert of piano’s but this was a one piece piano and of course keyboards each side. It was a performance of Cuban and Spanish jazz which brought the audience to their feet for more as Gonzalo, Cuban, composer and pianist who had previously paired up with the great American trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie for a Festival in Havana, being nominated also for Grammy awards. We were all mesmerised as he performed with his partner of the evening, Chano from Cadiz, known for his Latin jazz and fusion of Flamenco who won Spain’s most important award in 2020. The National Music Prize. So another evening to remember but I must say that before the main performance, Mallorca should be be proud of the young, now 15 years old, Antón Cortés Marín, a prodigy for sure whose fingers glided across the keys. A trendy star in the making, ponytail and with barefeet. You must look out for Antón. He is without doubt a star of the future. Many may have seen him as a semi finalist on Spain’s Got Talent and he is also self taught. Another artist from this small, but so talented island!!!!The Jazz Voyeur Festival is one that we should be proud of and the hard work of the organisers, the choice of performers must be recognised. As they said in 1966, “It is all over” Well, the World Cup is with us now but it is not all over as the final concert and one that I await with excitement is taking place at the Trui Theatre on Wednesday 7th December at 9pm. It will be another night of pleasure and will the audience stand as they do in the American churches when Gospel Choirs perform? I will tell you all as the “Black Heritage Choir” takes to the stage to bring you “Amazing Grace”. A Gospel celebration of the songs of the legendary Aretha Franklin and before they take to the stage there will be a performance by the Mallorca Gospel Choir. Do not miss this final concert of the Jazz Voyeur Festival. I shall be there on behalf of Celebrity Magazine so please look out for my article on what I am sure will be a lively evening. Tickets can be purchased online at at 22 euros.

So a short summary of one of the best Jazz Festivals that the island presents. I am sure some of you attended the concerts but if you have not seen any then do book for the final one. We, at Celebrity Magazine continue to expand our coverage of all Mallorca has to offer. Celebrity can be found at quality hotels, restaurants and locations around the island. Pick one up and do let us have your feedback. It is welcomed. Also do not forget to check out Celebrity online at More articles and much more online to read and enjoy in Mallorca’s number one magazine.