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The Luxury Edition 2024

Cover image for Celebrity Magazine The Luxury Edition 2024 showing past magazine front covers.

Issue 135

Issue 134

Celebrity magazine issue 134 front cover showing Roger Federer with his hands together above his head while smiling wearing a blue Nike polo shirt and blue headband.

Issue 133

Celebrity magazine issue 133 front cover showing Jezz Bezos in a blue open topped button shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows and crossed arms.

Issue 132

Celebrity Magazine issue 132 front cover showing members of the Black Eyed Peas music band.

Issue 131

Celebrity Mallorca issue 131 front cover showing a picture of the band UB40. The band members are stood in black clothes wearing black sunglasses.

Issue 130

Celebrity Magazine issue 130 front cover showing Morgan Freeman wearing a white shirt with a dark blue jacket and blue jeans while sat on a stall with a background of religious symbols.

Issue 129

Celebrity Magazine front cover showing a Christmas tree made of lights with palm trees in the background.

Issue 128

Celebrity Magazine Issue 128 front cover showing Tyson Fury

Issue 127

Celebrity Magazine issue 127 front cover showing Christina Aguilera in a latex red dress

Issue 126

Celebrity Magazine issue 126 with an image of Bryan

Issue 125

Celebrity Issue 125 front cover showing Suzi Quatro

Issue 124

Celebrity Magazine issue 124 front cover with an image of Kim Wilde

Issue 123

Celebrity Magazine Issue 123 front cover showing Lionel Richie

Issue 122

issue 122 front cover

Issue 121

issue 121 front cover

Issue 120

Issue 119

Issue 118

Issue 117

Issue 116

Issue 115

Issue 114

Issue 113

Issue 112

Issue 111

Issue 110