What a Church. What a Night.

By David Whitney

Many still attend the many churches here on the island and a Sunday is often the normal day here and in countries Worldwide, but as we know Churches are open to all and on many days of the week. Do we go, maybe not, but here on Mallorca we are indeed blessed with organisations and volunteers who are attached to the different churches and religions. Wonderful events and fund raising activities are created for the benefit of all and the Swedish Church in Palma is for me, an exception.
What a church, unlike any other I have been too. A church area for services and a small organ for the music but so much more. The most friendly priests I have met and both lovely women, a cafe, lounge areas, a library for books and dvds and a huge terrace with tables, couches and an amazing view across to the marina below and cruise ships docked. What a beautiful and welcoming place to come. Meet for a coffee or a vino, make new friends and enjoy lunches, coffees, yoga and more. Yes, a Swedish church but you do not need to be Swedish to become a member. I am now a member myself and so happy to be so.
And now I draw you into another experience. On one or two Wednesday evenings each month, it is music night, Yes, free entrance and all can enjoy drinks from the cafe bar, meet new people, not only from Sweden but of many different Nationalities. And so it was that a week ago the so talented band Elysian I have spoken about before gave their free concert as musicians do for the church. They created what was a concert that had songs and instrumental music for all. The Elysian quartet of Johanna, Swedish and the lead singer, Nick, her English husband and guitarist, Dito, Finnish on violin and Tracey, English on his pedal steel guitar. Elysian raised the spirit of the Swedish church to another level. Amazing, unbelievable, What a group! were some of the comments after their near 2 hour performance with a huge thank you afterwards by Karolina, one of the vicars, herself an accomplished singer and guitar player. So do check out Elysian online for their next concert dates.
The Swedish church, open to all and for me something different and up lifting. What a great event that Wednesday and more Wednesday music evenings are planned. Atmosphere, fun and wonderful music of bands and singers, languages spoken in Swedish, English, Spanish between all who wish to enjoy an evening to remember with a beer, vino or whatever. More events, Xmas bazaars and lunches are being arranged. So come along during the day on a Wednesday or Thursday for a coffee or snack. Find out more on their website www.mallorca@svenskakyrkan.se Or call Carin on 686 284 524 or 971 731 241.There are so many events, local or international on this beautiful island and Celebrity Mallorca Magazine will bring you coverage in both the magazine, and online at www.celebritymallorca.es.