David Whitney
I am sure that the name Chris Hoy, now Sir Chris Hoy is one that is known to many, whether a supporter of indoor cycling track racing or not. The Olympic and World Champion also recently supported the Mallorca Tourist promotion at the London tourism event. He does love Mallorca as we all do. For me watching the close indoor racing although not understanding all the different categories and rules is one exciting sport to watch. The Olympics drew me into this sport for sure.
Palma is lucky to have such a magnificent venue for that sport in the Palma Velodrome and it was here some weeks back that the first round of the UCI track champions league took place. Chris Hoy was involved in creating this new short series of 6 races and Palma was chosen for the first round. Mallorca, so famous for cyclists and National teams were honoured to host this first round of 6. The race format was simplified to include the fastest and most exciting disciplines from Sprint to scratch endurance but in a two hour programme. With 2 rounds taking place in London, plus Paris and other cities, it is super way to introduce more to the sport and over 500.000 euros in prize money to be fought over by the 36 top riders and all with live tv coverage by Eurosport. Certainly, a new sport series that will grow.
It was my first visit to the Velodrome but hopefully not the last. A superb building and hosting thousands and there were thousands there watching this first round. The final round is set for Tel Aviv on December 11th and two races were, as mentioned set to take place in London. A truly and different creative format which I am sure will draw many to watch this sport in the future. The crowd in Palma were enthralled as all cyclists had special suits showing their National flags and the racing was close, fast and speeds of 80 kmph were reached. Not for the faint hearted and fitness is the key as are tactics.
Well done for creating the series and well done Palma Velodrome for making this an event to remember. I am sure the series will go from strength to strength and will return to Palma in 2022. I do hope so as the atmosphere, the noise and the excitement of watching some of the best racers in the World compete is an honour for Palma and the island. What publicity throughout the World and if you have not seen this sport before then do check it out on one of the sports channels..Celebrity Mallorca magazine were delighted to cover this first round and cycling for me will never be the same again..So well, back to my electric bike..So much safer although no 80 kmph for me….For more on events and much more do visit our site at