Well, what is art? It can often be subjective and to some, art is not art but a colourful painting with blotches of different designs but that can be interpreted in different ways and that is indeed what art is. It is what you might see in a painting or a sculpture piece. Not all art is of scenes or recognised subjects whether those subjects are shown on their own or interwoven with others. All is in the eyes of the beholder. And so it was for me when I visited Palma together with Betina Von Hohendorff, another of our magazine’s contributors and a person who knows art in its many forms far better than me. I recall last year, but will stand corrected that the Nit d’Art was in the afternoon. I believe Covid had a say in that but thankfully this year it was a true Nit d’Art although officially starting at 6.30 pm when blue skies prevailed and sun shone down. No rain, which was welcomed as The Born was packed with people, artists and many displays of both art, sculptures and indeed dancers dressed in wonderful colourful outfits. All over Palma galleries were open to all and shop windows also displayed pieces, so no wonder that Palma was busy on this one off evening of Art to enjoy, comment upon and also wonder what is the artist looking to tell us in their piece.

Talent by all, for certain and in so many different ways. The Born, our area of preference along with other major galleries close by all were visited and oh, I could have chosen so many to adorn the walls of my casa. A great atmosphere and friendly talk with artists showing their paintings and pieces. I wish I had the talent of bringing a painting to life and the imagination that they have. Again, Mallorca excels in artists and design as some pieces were made of wood, glass and metal. Welding pieces together to form a piece to admire and to show off in your casa or apartment as well as paintings. So much to choose from and there was no problem in taking photos of those pieces of art in The Born or in the galleries so often not allowed.I met many artists, business cards exchanged and photos taken. Brochures on some galleries taken and what made me so happy was to see so many locals together with tourists intermingle after some challenging times bringing people together to talk and discuss the art they were viewing.

So not only a Nite of Art, but a Nite to remember. One of the highlights of the evening was the invitation from Ignacio Deya Frutos, the President of the Ciculomallorquin, the circle of Mallorca, to visit their club, it is a private club and membership is by invitation only. A club of long history and of Mallorquines, many of which own major companies and businesses or hold top positions on the island. There are a few non-Mallorquines members so who knows. Maybe I will be invited to join. A beautiful old building in the heart of the city and all there were friendly and I made new friends. It was a privilege for me and Betina who knows Ignacio, the President and for Celebrity Magazine to be invited to the club not seen by so many. I see an interview coming!

Art again adorned the walls with some artists showing only their pieces at the club. Amongst those was the creative Mylene Baviera whose unusual pieces were made from wood, or straw and of a style I have never seen before. If you are looking for something different then do check Mylene’s website out.So a few vino’s, good conversation both on The Born, in the galleries and lastly at the club made for what was an interesting, say eye opening evening. As I have said before there is so much talent on this small island that we live on and enjoy. The Nite of Art was one that will not be forgotten and remember art is for all and long may that continue. Celebrity Magazine strives to expand it’s coverage of local events so do please visit our website at for more news, online articles and to read our printed magazine online but you will find our printed magazine at the best places, hotels and restaurants on the island. Register for our Newsletter also. Enjoy. David Whitney