By David Whitney

You may wonder where Maria Las Vegas is on this small but diverse island so rich in music of all kinds. Well. I shall let you into a little secret. You may not know this village at all but Maria de la Salut some 5 kms from the town of Sineu is my Maria Las Vegas and it is true. A small village of maybe some 2,500 inhabitants and only 7 English people but the village is not only friendly but has a magnificent square surrounded by 5 bar restaurants and the village is alive with music throughout the summer months and even before. Superb bar restaurants and even 2 Finca style hotels are in this village. It is no surprise that the square hosts hundreds of people on a Friday and a Saturday evening with the square closed for traffic as tables take the space and the road. If you do not reserve a table then sadly you may be disappointed. So a short story on Maria set in surrounding beautiful countryside and yes, only less than 15 minutes drive to Playa de Muro.

And so it was a week or so back that one such bar that recently changed ownership maybe one month before opened it’s doors on a wonderful warm weekend Sunday evening.The bar for the moment called, bar Cafe Can Tomeu now reformed and with sofas and a super bar, tables and now a stage in one corner. This is one of a kind. A live music bar with the aim of 3 nights a week of live music and when we move forward to Spring, a once a month live music Sunday brunch. The owner Kenya, a resident of the village is one amazing singer normally giving concerts in France and Italy but now the proud owner of a live music bar and probably much more hard work for her and her partner than the concerts. A well built indoor stage, lighting and great sound set the scene for the opening evening with tapas and free vino and beer on tap for all those sitting inside and outside. A memorable night and a local guitarist joined Kenya on stage. Kenya is one amazing performer both on stage and on the tables!!!!! And to make for an even more memorable evening Johanna the singer of my favourite group Elysian who I met in the village during the summer, a friend of Kenya also sang her own songs and duets with Kenya. 
This summer will add a stage outside and so where else on this island will you be able to enjoy live music 3 nights a week, a bar decorated with music pieces within a square of what a village should be..Kenya has created a magical venue and although live music will not, as yet be 3 nights a week, when the next few months are behind us then you will be able to enjoy acts from the island and beyond, Kenya singing and Elysian will, I am sure be playing there regularly. Each day the bar is open for drinks, cafe and food. So take a drive to Maria Las Vegas, see Kenya and her bar Cafe Can Tomeu. You will enjoy and once again Mallorca and for sure Maria de la Salut shows that the island is not just sand, sea and the resorts. Visit the villages and you will be surprised what you may find, but visit Maria de la Salut and you will certainly find a village with a difference. A live music bar..So check it out and look out for more updates through your favourite magazine and online articles with Celebrity Mallorca Magazine bringing you something different and drawing each of you into local venues, events and so much more. 
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