The momentum tunnel is the main channel of our timeline, charting the events of our past, present, and future.

The shaman is a tracker, who can track luminous cords extending into the past and the future.

The energy of these cords, the most likely trajectory, is our momentum tunnel.

To step outside of it and make more powerful changes, we need to lighten our baggage.

The lighter and less attached we are, the more nimble we become.

We can choose to give up our baggage and attachments or they will be taken from us when the change becomes necessary.

When this happens our destiny is derailed and we fall into the grip of fate.

And the problem with fate is that it is preordained.

We are no longer free and become victims of our genetics, our karma, or the tragic stories from our childhood.
The momentum tunnel is the main channel of our timeline, charting the events of our past, present, and future.
99% of the future possibilities can be extrapolated in the direction of its flow.
These are the strands that lie inside the borders described by the solid cord of light extending from our past and into our future.
This is where 99 percent of the outcomes of our lives will fall.

Only one per cent of the possibilities lie outside the momentum tunnel, these are the most difficult to achieve but are often the most promising.

Our momentum tunnel is what keeps us going with the flow, executing the sole contracts we entered into when we were six, the genetic predispositions we inherited, and the choices we made before we were born.

If you’ve already made the difficult choices that lead to wellness, longevity, and inner peace, then a momentum tunnel may already be supporting a journey. (This is what happens when we change the toxic relationship, leave the nightmare job, eat well exercise, and have harmony in our life.)
But for many of us who are in a more difficult place in which to alter the course of our lives, the one per cent that lies outside the momentum tunnel is where we can go to find our destiny.
It’s where we can look when our life isn’t working and we need to explore other possibilities.

For example, when someone is diagnosed with a form of cancer that’s fatal for the majority of people, 99% of the destiny lines may lead to a lengthy, crippling illness, or death.

Only one per cent of the lines will lead to health, yet assessing the one per cent requires them to change 99% of their life.

Their genetics, lifestyle choices, and emotional environment all line up in the momentum tunnel leading toward disease, so they can go about changing their lives one aspect at a time (dieting, quitting high-stress job, and so on), or, more powerfully, they can change the whole trajectory of the momentum tunnel energetically by journeying along their timeline to select a more desirable destiny.

This destiny is installed on the timeline by the mere act of finding it and seeing it.

The course of the momentum tunnel is then altered.

Once the course of the momentum tunnel lines up with your destiny, you can transform your entire life.

You won’t need to micromanage every choice you make, you merely need to be a good steward of the circumstances of your life, with full knowledge and trust that the best destiny has already been selected.

When destiny has been installed in your future, the universe conspires on your behalf to make it come true.

You’re inner-guidance systems direct you towards this destiny,and the hand of Spirit holds you.
Changing the Course of the Momentum Tunnel

Although changing the course of our momentum tunnel can be extremely desirable, it’s often not an easy task.

Imagine for a moment the difference between flying a Boeing 747 and a helicopter.

A 747 is built so that your drink won’t shake too much on the tray table in front of you, it’s so smooth that you can take a nap and the pilot can put the plane on autopilot, wander around the cabin, and check in with the passengers.

The stability comes at a price. To turn a 747, you have to make a wide sweeping motion that takes time, particularly if you want to do it so that none of the passengers find their drinks in their laps.

This is how most of us design our lives so that we can walk around on autopilot with a drink poised on a little table. But we pay a price.

And just like the 747, it takes time to change course.

A helicopter is a different machine that’s designed to turn on a dime and dart in and out of places quickly.

Forget about getting up and going for a stroll around the aircraft, all the attention needs to be focused on flying.

You also have the jettison any excess baggage because a helicopter has to travel light. That means the drinks, the meals, the flight attendance all have to go.

It’s like driving a pickup truck with a washer and dryer in the back, and suddenly you want to make a left turn.

Even if you manage to make the turn at 100 miles an hour, the washer and dryer will keep going forward, and you’ll probably roll the truck over and go off the road.

To make the turn safely you need to slow way down.

The problem is that most of us don’t know how to slow down the truck, that is, how to cut back on our work hours or change our relationship with our children because we lost control of the momentum that propels us forward.
If we don’t jettison our baggage, then the washer and dryer, the job, the spouse, and even her health will be stripped from us.

Achieving stillness gives us access to many shamanic practices, and mapping our lifelines and achieving clarity supports our ability to achieve stillness.

We have techniques and exercises that you can learn to landscape your momentum tunnel.

It is important to approach this with an open mind.
Destiny isn’t always what we feel we want to change, but sometimes what we truly need to change in our lives, no matter how accomplished or successful, to have a healed and meaningful existence.

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