by David Whitney
After two challenging years the House of Son Amar, probably the best venue and entertainment show in Europe came to life once more after Covid and also many months of re-designs, investment and changes to the concept of what is the House of Son Amar and where it is taking us. It is surely taking us along an amazing journey with not only a new show called Exhibit 2.0 which provided all invited guests to some two hours of breathtaking entertainment, acrobats, dancing and dare devil acts which brought the audience to their feet.
Son Amar was always one of the unique and first class venues to visit for a night to remember but the new show and concept of events, with new areas is to draw in not only those visiting the island but the residents of the island and it will surely succeed. With a new team on board and with a completely new theatre interior, a change of approach from a show dinner experience to one of mere entertainment with options on food, it cannot, but work.
I was one of the lucky guests to be invited to the Friday opening of the venue on a warm spring evening which drew us on arrival to walk through a new approach tunnel along the path beautifully lit to what is a new area. Eden, a large outside area for events and disco evenings, terraces around and a long bar with the DJ on a stage with a water pool in front. High tables and stools on the surrounding frontage and excellent areas of terraces, sofas and a place to chat makes for a wonderful atmosphere to be enjoyed. Plans for outside events and much more will create a must visit venue. Quality abounds and walking to Eden through the tunnel of leaves brings you out into Eden. A true garden of Eden approach. The hundreds of guests all elegantly dressed enjoyed the music, drinks and snacks before making their way into the main entrance area, which again has been redesigned with a bar and tables to sit, chat and all within what was an old manor house entrance.
The media and event team had certainly excelled and owners Margaret Whittaker and Dom Miles can be proud of their new concept, and designs. The future looks bright as was the show with a larger stage, huge screens each side and amazing techno lights bringing the screens to life when some acts were performing. Future shows will also provide guests leaving the main show to see the outside music water fountain laser event. That is a show in itself, so Las Vegas look out!!! All certainly enjoyed a night to remember, the friendly staff, performers of such professionalism whose talent could not be faulted. The House of Son Amar, the new show and it’s new concept, events schedule should make Mallorca proud. Celebrity magazine was delighted to be invited and be part of what was a memorable evening and to tell it’s readers about the evening. So check out Son Amar, visit and enjoy. Celebrity magazine looks forward to collaborating, and working with the House of Son Amar bringing news of events and it’s guests to all readers and followers. A wonderful night was had and all who were there went home talking about the new House of Son Amar. They will surely return as will Celebrity Magazine to promote and report upon the events and the season that awaits to unfold.
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