The Fastest Growing Premium Boat Club In Mallorca

Boating should be easy, fun and full of joy! Agapi Boat Club changes everything for those who used to see boating as something too demanding or expensive. A boat club membership is simply the natural choice for modern boaters. Our members focus on the fun – “leave the hassle to us”, says Stefan and Henrietta Roslund, the Swedish couple managing Agapi Boat Club Mallorca. They are convinced that the business model of sharing economy is the future way of boating. We have been running the club for five years and last year, even during a difficult pandemic, has been our best one. Due to the pandemic, people could not travel and stayed at home here in Mallorca and wanted to go out on the water and explore. But to own a boat here is very expensive therefore the club alternative is a great way of getting access to boat life in a very easy way. Agapi Boat Club have thirteen boats in Port Calanova with a range of boats from 6 to 13 metres. This means that our members can choose the boat type that suits them best. The premium boat brands that we work with are Agapi, Saxdor and De Antonio Yachts and for next season we will add some other exciting brands. Our success this year has been demonstrated by investing in bigger, more exclusive boats. Our strategy for next year is to expand even more next year by adding more of our biggest boats, the De Antonio Yachts D42, into the fleet.

Agapi Boat Club offers its members unlimited boating days and they take pride in giving members the opportunity to jump on board all year round. “We all have different priorities, but we want our members to have the same access to boating that they would have if they owned a boat themselves – the flexibility to hit the water any time, any day”, says Stefan.

For us, a boating membership has two benefits. Firstly, it gives the members total control of their boating costs – none of the surprises that owners face with service costs, repairs, insurance, depreciation, and more. And secondly, they get continuity – the guarantee of hassle-free boating for as long as they like. Members simply sign up for a membership and, if they don’t cancel, the renewal is as seamless as any other of the other subscriptions in day-to-day life.

Agapi Boat Club is located in Port Calanova,Puerto Pollensa and Menorca. The plan is to open at least one more harbour on Mallorca next year and to expand the boat club to Ibiza. “Exciting times”, Stefan says with a big smile!