Take Flight with Balearic Helicopters

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By Ben Mulvey

Jonny Greenall, owner of Balearic Helicopters has been flying in Mallorca for over 22 years with over 7000 flying hours under his belt and recently told me all about his passion for flying and everything that Balearic Helicopters offers to aspiring pilots.Many of us dream of taking to the skies over our beautiful island to see it from a different perspective and it is this dream that led Jonny to set up Balearic Helicopters. Starting off in the Air Cadets in Chipmunks and Vigilant Gliders, he then learnt to fly the Robinson R22 & R44 before obtaining his Commercial Helicopter Licence and Instructor Rating. Jonny is also a designated CAA Radiotelephony Examiner and a fully qualified EASA Flight Examiner and in 2015 became a Superyacht Helideck Instructor. Balearic Helicopters offer various sightseeing tours over the island, predominantly in the summer months when the weather is better, and have a range of tours for guests to experience Mallorca from the sky. Although there are still tours on offer during the winter months, this time of year is when Jonny focuses more on the training aspect of the business and teaches people to fly. Not necessarily the cheapest of pastimes, obtaining a helicopter license is an achievable dream for many on the island and one that Jonny can help with thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience. As an Authorised EASA Examiner, he can help future pilots to take initial Skills Tests and Proficiency Checks for any CAA or EASA licence holder and Type Rating Examiners for commercial Proficiency Checks.During the winter months, there are a huge amount of superyachts in Mallorca that are here for refit and repair or just to spend their yard period on the island until the Mediterranean season starts again. This means that there isplenty of time for the crew to learn about helicopter safety on superyachts (a surprising number of boats have helipads on board!) As a Superyacht Helideck Instructor, Jonny travels the world training superyacht crew the Helicopter Landing Officer and HeliDeck Assistant Course which involves teaching people how to land a helicopter on the back of a superyacht safely. Whether you are looking to fulfil a lifelong dream and learn to fly or just wish to see our beautiful island from the air, Balearic Helicopters are a one-stop-shop for everything chopper-related. Or, if you are looking for a unique and special gift for someone, why not buy them a gift voucher for a helicopter flying experience?

Balearic Helicopters are located at Aerodromo de Son Bonet. For more information, visit www.balearic-helicopters.com or contact Jonny by calling +34 971 794 132