Snorkellers Plan War on Mallorca’s Plastic

During the ‘great lockdown’ of 2020, British expats Peter Langan (47) and Timothy Galgey (51) quietly formulated a five-year plan of sporting challenges.  The first, a snorkelling circumnavigation of Mallorca’s 550km coastline, will take place this summer and hopes to raise awareness of the Island’s ongoing battle with ocean plastic.

Peter, known to many as the owner of S’Arraco Kitchens & Reforms, explains:  “Last year’s COVID-19 lockdown forced many people to reflect on life in general, and Timothy and I were no exception.  Health and fitness became a priority and, upon ‘release’ in May, we buddied up as training partners.  We began swimming from Port Andratx to St Elm, and then from St Elm around the island of Dragonera.  Each fortnight we’d do a 45-kilometre night hike, or a day of cycling, hiking and kayaking, again covering 45 or 50 kilometres.  Personally, I also began training with CrossFit Mallorca, while Tim went on extra solo hikes and kayaks.  By July I’d lost eight kilos, the end of August another two, and, while I was thrilled with the weight loss, I yearned for a challenge – hence the five-year plan.

“We are both fond of the ocean – kayaking, snorkelling, swimming – so a Mallorca 360 was a logical first goal.  I spoke with South African Richard Krugel, who swam round the Island in 2014 in honour of his late brother Ewalk, and he completed the swim in 22 days.  For us, there is no rush, but taking into account the weather, jellyfish and some well-earned rest, we feel we can complete the challenge in around 30 days.  

“Throughout the circumnavigation, we’ll be collecting ocean plastic in an attempt to draw attention to the effects of today’s throwaway culture.  Indeed, it is our intention to split sponsorship money between Palma-based marine conservation charity Save The Med Foundation and Yachting Gives Back who help to provide food and shelter to the hungry and the homeless.”

Timothy and Peter have volunteers in place to form a support team, including a kayaker/ social media ‘blogger’, and support vessels.  

Peter and Timothy expect to set off in July and be back to base sometime in August.  After a short break, they’ll no doubt start planning the second challenge in their five-year plan.

Contact Peter on or telephone +34 638 85 37 61.