Queen Elizabeth II passes away aged 96

The world has united in grief for the passing of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty passed away peacefully in Balmoral with news breaking around the globe a few hours later.

The Queen has been a constant presence in most of our lives and was there with us through most of the pivotal moments in recent history. She lived through WWII, national and international crises, and right through to the age of digitisation that she embraced, never more than through the recent pandemic. Throughout her reign, the Queen worked tirelessly to bridge gaps, mend relationships and bring together the people of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

As the world mourns the loss of Her Majesty, the outpouring of love, affection and general sadness is palpable and all of us have joined together in our grief. It is now up to her son, King Charles III, to lead us through this difficult time and put his 70 years of mentoring by his beloved mother into practice.

RIP Queen Elizabeth and God Save The King.