Palma Hat Week

Palma Hat Week Is Back This October

The Second International Palma Hat Week is back from the 19-25th October at Hotel Saratoga.

After the success of Palma Hat Week last year, Austrian Count Kinsky is delighted to bring the Second International Palma Hat Week to Mallorca from the 19-25th October.

This year, Palma Hat Week is merging with another exhibition to keep numbers down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “Rebmann, Harnischmacher & Kinsky show 30 original works of Salvador Dali”.

The exhibition will take place at the Hotel Saratoga in Palma and groups of five people will be admitted at a time for both exhibitions. Hat designers this year have been given the theme “Fifty Shades of White” and have been encouraged to combine their hat designs with matching mask designs.

The “Palma Hat Week” was successfully launched in 2019, showing over 80 artistic hats by millinery designers from 16 countries and attracting nearly 2000 visitors spread over the week and the various events. Like last year, this season there will be a hat competition among the participating designers. The best ten hats will be chosen, the winner of the competition can look forward to material and cash prizes. 

In keeping with the exhibition of original works by Salvador Dali, this year there is a special surrealist hat highlight, the award-winning Italian hat designer Stefania Belfiore, who takes up the theme of DALI and the passing of time. 

In the exhibition of original works by Salvador Dali, visitors can see both well-known and as yet unknown works by the Spanish artist, whose unique painting style has shaped an entire era.