Mr. Motivator – David Gomez

Celebrity Magazine talks with David from Fit Club.

Celebrity Magazine speaks to David Gomez from FitClub

For some of us going to the gym is a chore, for others it is the best part of our day. If your gym is Fit Club above Mercadona in Son Caliu we’re going to take a guess that your experience is the latter. It’s friendly, bright and well equipped rather like its owner, the lovely (but don’t tell him because he will blush) David Gomez. We’re greeted by the man himself along with his faithful sidekicks, his chihuahuas Ronnie and Stewie. “You want a protein shake, a water, a snack, anything?”

Right from the outset, David goes out of his way to make us feel welcome. Any of us who are not so comfortable in a gym will recognise the feeling of dread of going into an intimidating environment where you feel out of place and don’t really know what any of the machines do! But going into a gym where no one knows your name is definitely a thing of the past for a modern business, like Fit Club, where all of the staff aim to make their clients feel comfortable, valued and supported. “It is very important to me that everyone who comes into my gym knows that I care about their welfare, I want every single person to succeed in their goals, and I, and the team of coaches, do whatever we can to help that individual achieve their dream.”  Big words, but David Gomez definitely has form in this department.

Born in Mallorca, David grew up with a Spanish dad and Colombian mum and a hunger to shine. “I didn’t know what I was good at, but feel for commerce stayed with him as he followed his girlfriend at the time to the UK. Whilst she was studying he worked in a demolition company and decided to do a part time HND at college in, well, what else but business? His flare for the subject became apparent and his tutors suggested he do a degree. Although it meant leaving his girlfriend behind he took the opportunity, “I was heartbroken, she had gone back to Mallorca, but I knew it was the right thing for me to do, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it”.  What cemented his decision was the sight of his previous school mates during a summer holiday, “When I came back to visit my family I saw my friends in exactly the same position that I had left them and I thought to myself, I want to do something with my life”.

This committed ambition, drive and creativity has served him well. He completed his degree in business, and then went on to finish a Masters in marketing. While he achieved his qualifications, he continued studying a variety of health and fitness courses. All the while funding himself by working in demolition and as a personal trainer based at Muscle Works in Bethnal Green, an “old school” bodybuilding gym. “I really stepped outside of my comfort zone there, they called me Spanish Dave. My first ever personal training client was a lawyer, he loved me and recommended me to all of his friends”.

David’s career flourished, working in marketing during the day and personal training in the evening until he got the call that his father had been taken ill. The decision to move back to the island was immediate. “Money comes and goes, but family is first”. Once back on the rock, but without a job, the entrepreneur soon began to come up with new ideas launching two products with his brother: Carvid Biminis and EC Clips, which after some market research were huge hits. David’s father passed away in August 2014, leaving him questioning what was the real purpose and meaning to life. “I went away to Thailand and spent three months there, training and thinking. I decided that I wanted to do things which I felt passionate about. I started to believe in the Law of Attraction and began to work on visualising what I wanted.”. And with that he returned to Mallorca, sold his part of the marine business to his brother and started to work on developing his dream, Fit Club. After securing the premises David thoughtfully refitted and changed the appearance of the gym to appeal to his future clients. “I wanted it to be and feel clean, unique, and be very social. I wanted to create a gym environment where everyone is part of a big family. You are NOT a number, you are a member.” During David’s travels for business around the world he had managed to accrue a great deal of knowledge of what he wanted to have in a gym. “I was familiar with the best pieces of equipment that gyms used. Obviously I wanted to have the best facilities and equipment possible. In addition when you join Fit Club you have access to all of our classes which involve, functional fit, yoga, Pilates, body power and more: we have a functional fitness room where we do all kinds of classes from dance to boxing”.

The facilities of the gym are top quality, even down to the changing facilities where you will find a sauna which is just what you need after a hard workout to relax the muscles. The gym walls have motivational phrases painted on them, but these are not just lip service, David truly believes in what he presents, and is living this day in and day out. “Whatever you do with passion will grow,” he says, and with his already impressive CV of achievements, you can’t help but believe him. Now he also stocks his own line in nutritional supplements, organises fitness retreats and is collaborating with celebrity clients who come to train at Fit Club when they are on the island. “We’ve had a lot of famous faces here, many from TV shows, they love to come to train here, they feel at home, and we are a friendly place for them to be”.  What in the end is it all about? “Changing people’s lives, living your best life, doing the best you can, helping others and having fun! And remember where you have come from, and how far you have gone!”

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