Daughter of Deià by Jan Edwards published on September 2, 2021 

Mallorca’s latest sanctuary for homeless animals won’t be posting heart-wrenching images of unwanted cats or dogs on social media. The rural Refugio Marylou is a fictional cat refuge at the heart of new novel, Daughter of Deià, published on September 2. 

Written by former BBC Oxford radio presenter Jan Edwards, who moved from Oxfordshire to the Manacor countryside in 2004, Daughter of Deià is a contemporary romance set almost entirely in Mallorca. 

The story is told from the perspective of Laura Lundon, a Stratford-upon-Avon-based radio presenter, who comes to the island in search of her unknown biological father. Before long, Laura finds herself temporarily looking after the cats and kittens at Refugio Marylou … and facing the biggest challenge of her life. 

Daughter of Deià features some familiar locations, including Deià’s Belmond La Residencia hotel and Marc Fosh restaurant in Palma. 

Author Jan finished the first draft of Daughter of Deià during last year’s lockdown. “I started writing it some years ago but being forced to stay home made me focus on finishing the story.” She adds: “They say authors should write about what they know, and I’ve certainly done that, as a former UK radio presenter with a good knowledge of both Mallorca and looking after cats.” 

Since Jan and her husband moved to Mallorca, they’ve looked after a total of seventeen homeless and feral cats and kittens that have spent time living at their finca. 

Daughter of Deià is available in Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon;Jan is looking forward to seeing the print version on sale in Kay Halley’s popular Universal Bookshop in Portals Nous in a few weeks’ time. 

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