We live on what many call a “magical island” and they are not wrong in many respects. We have such diversity in Mallorca. From some of the best-voted beaches in the World such as Muro Beach to wild countryside and the amazing Tramuntana mountains, a World Heritage protected area. From small quaint authentic villages to the seaside resorts that we know so well. Restaurants abound with high-quality chefs, boutique hotels and homes for many of the rich and famous who live here or have homes here. More are coming and Mallorca is a pull as they say for the owners of those Super yachts we often see around Portals and other parts of the island. Private jets come and go and there is talk of Ibiza being the crown of the Balearics but really? No, Mallorca is the magnet in reality although we must confess that Ibiza has its own unique countryside, clubs and restaurants, and hotels and Ibiza town is one of the jewels in the crown of Ibiza.

However, Mallorca is It!!! We have so many homegrown talented singers and bands on this island and every day something will catch your eye. The Palma Auditorium attracts amazing performers from around the world. The House of Son Amar entertains thousands of visitors with its World-class show and new venues such as the new Leo’s Club are providing a dinner and show experience. We also welcome the opening of Richard Branson’s long-awaited boutique hotel. So Mallorca is definitely it. Tennis tournaments organised by the ATP draw players of world-class as does the Palma Marathon with world-class athletes taking part as does the triathlons which again draw the best athletes from around the World to this small island. We now need an F1 Race. That would surely be the icing on the cake. Sadly that is unlikely but we do host 2 car rallies and the March Classico Rally has over 100 entries from across Europe and beyond with major media tv coverage and huge attendances of fans. So yes, Mallorca is it!!!

Mallorca hosts top world-class acts. singers, groups such as UB40, Tom Jones, Nile Rogers and Kool and the Gang. So many and Celebrity Magazine is proud to bring you reports on such events and keep you posted on what is happening on the island. Sailing competitions again bring us the top classes of racing yachts and the most famous annual competition is the Copa del Rey in which the King of Spain, no less partakes. We can go on. For me, I love my music, be it pop, classical or jazz. For me music is the lifeblood of Mallorca as are the many artists that have exhibitions and the Nite of the Art held in Palma is not to be missed. Such a fun evening and the chance to view the galleries and individual artists’ works. On the music front, I was kindly invited to the annual concerts at Port Adriano arranged by Share Music in collaboration with Melia Hotels as the main Sponsors together with others which showed once again that Mallorca can, yes, put on top concerts for both locals and visitors alike. The big names of the pop world so enjoy visiting the island and we welcome them all. This year we were welcoming four top acts at Port Adriano, One of my favourite groups was coming to town and indeed the venue was full to capacity as it was for the other top acts who performed on the 4th, 5th 11th and 12th of August. It was the 11th year of such concerts and this year was no exception.

I can say I was there and despite the heat, we were lucky as a slight breeze off the sea did cool us down as the audience, some seated in the stands, whilst others booked their own tables of four. I, as part of the media and with Celebrity magazine had the freedom to roam and roam I did as you do not often get so close to such acts. The first evening was the iconic group, probably unknown to the younger generation until they heard the songs, was the band of the 70s created in fact, in Chicago in 1969. Wow, over 50 years of performances 6 Grammy awards and so much more. I was at the media meeting with the group and I was amazed that they have had 1.6 billion downloads. Who can beat that? Not many. It was Earth Wind and Fire with Al McKay. Guitarist Al McKay reincarnates and without doubt, the band with sax, drums, keyboard, guitars and a range of instruments provided the classics and a non-stop performance of nearly 2 hours. A dazzling demonstration of the power of life upholding the excellence that established the original formation. Over the years, the group has become one of the most influential group of musicians in R&B and Funk Worldwide. It is difficult to disagree that they are considered the most important funk group on the planet today.

That was not the end but the beginning as the second date of the festival was Michael Jackson on the 5th and another sell-out. ‘This is Michael’ is probably the biggest show about the artist. The show has indeed conquered the entire World and presents a superb selection of dancers, singers and musicians, with an impressive stage set to revive the king of pop, his music and his art. A show that brings together all of his great hits. It was a unique experience, and the fans of Michael loved the show. Moved in fact, by the excellent creation on stage and giving all time to reflect on Michael’s most emblematic songs and to honour the most successful entertainer of all time. If the show returns then do not miss it. You will be taken back in time to the era of Michael Jackson and that I can say is true.

What else, well the famous Gipsy Kings took to the stage a week later. Without a doubt, they still continue to be the best ambassadors of gypsy culture and are the biggest sellers of records of the genre. The Gipsy Kings have travelled many times around the World and have sold more than 20 million albums in their thirty-five-year career. The group is the symbol of the party in its purest form.

And so to the final concert. All hard work in the heat but hats off to all the performers on stage who were under the glare of the lighting as well as having to perform in the not-so-cool evening air. It was the last date and act of this season and who better than Queen. The show was called “God Save The Queen” and it was a real tribute to one of the most important rock icons in music history. A quality show, with great costumes and the singing by Freddie made you feel you were seeing the real Freddie who is sadly no longer with us but the music will never leave us. The show brought us all the hits, and live music at its best. The show is recognised Worldwide as the most realistic international tribute to the legendary Queen. “God Save The Queen” is said and rightly so, to not only be a musical tribute to Queen, it is a heartfelt tribute to each of the songs Queen performed, bringing us memories and allowing us to be close to Queen through our imagination. The stage came alive with theatre and songs, and the spirit of Queen will never be forgotten as long as this show continues. Long may it continue. So a great season of 4 amazing groups of artists and remember Mallorca is it!!! More is to come and each day, week and month Mallorca offers something to all of us. We are lucky to live on this magical island as I said when I started this article and I am sure you will agree that I am not wrong. So please do visit our site daily at and catch up with news, events and so much more. Do also remember you can sign up for our free newsletter online and be part of Celebrity Magazine.

David Whitney

Thanks also to Pam4 for photos.