Keep Calm and Carry Online

With the closure of schools, community centres, sports venues etc, this represents a severe challenge to maintaining continuity of our children’s education and learning support. It is vitally important that our children do not just sit at home doing nothing. Following that path leads to learning loss and loss of good habits and a dislocation that would take longer than the period of closures to recover from.  

Schools and other tuition providers will need to be able to provide work for students to do at home. They will need to be able to monitor and asses the work that is being done and give feedback to the students. They will need to be able to continue to be able to give lessons. The question is  – are they geared up to be able to do this? The answer has to come from technology. Online tuition is the only way that we can deliver the learning support our children will need. Traditional online tuition is not, in itself, the answer. Lessons can be delivered this way, but it is the setting and marking and reporting on work done by students which will provide a more severe challenge.

Parents cannot be expected to be substitute tutors in the home. The role of the parent must be to encourage and motivate their children to do the schoolwork in the home, however.

  While schools are closed, it is important for your children to carry on learning. 

  • If you break the habit of regular studying, it is doubly difficult to start again…we all know what our kids are like after the long summer holidays. It’s like starting a 1980s Ford with a weak battery on a frosty December morning!
  • Learning loss is a real thing. Studies show that already during the summer holidays, kids can lose up to 20% of the maths learned from the previous year…which is why so much of the first half of the Autumn term is spent going over last year’s syllabus.
  • Keeping doing exercises in key subjects is important….but it is equally important that students get instant feedback if they are getting something wrong..otherwise it will firm up in their minds that the way they are doing it is right (which then becomes difficult to change) when they are actually getting something wrong. 
  •  Having the ability to review learning or learning new topics through having lessons to watch is important as well.
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