What an evening! One of the best and most joyous concerts I have attended and I am sure that goes for the 1000 that filled the Trui theatre for what was the final concert of the magnificent Jazz Voyeur festival. Well done to the Director, Roberto Menendez and his team who exhaled in bringing to Mallorca a series of concerts that thrilled so many. Mallorca, island of surprises and what joy to live on this island and to savour the music on offer. So it was, sadly the final concert of the series but what an end!

It was a privilege to be part of the audience and to take in the atmosphere on behalf of Celebrity Magazine. I am a fan of the Blues Brothers and the Gospel singing scene in the movie was energy, happiness which brought joy to all in that church. This was indeed the case at the concert performed by the Black Heritage Choir from Mississippi whose show “Amazing Grace” was surely “Amazing” Not only that, the Mallorca Gospel Choir came onto the stage to begin the unforgettable evening. They were magnificent, talented and local. Their energy and performance could not be faulted. The audience loved them but there was more to come. The main show. I was in my element as I had never seen a real life Gospel choir and they were the real McCoy as they say. From the Good Ol’ USA and Mississippi.

A 17 City tour and Palma welcomed them. We were in awe as they celebrated the songs of Aretha Franklin with emotion, love and such powerful singing that flowed throughout the theatre. The choir under the musical direction of Jerry Calvin Smith, organist of the Farish Street Baptist Church, professor at Jackson State University and pianist with the Great Chorale. The sound of the best gospel singing came to Mallorca.

The songs of Aretha Franklin and others from the great artists of Marvin Gaye and Carole King added to, they say the pearls of the new tradition created by Thomas Dorsey and Herbert Brewster. The choir, all amazing were accompanied by solo singers, one of which was Mississippi singer, Katie Graham whose powerful voice and tone brought the audience to their feet.

That continued as the choir clapping, singing and moving in unison had us all joining in.This was different for certain and yes,the big name bands have you standing and singing but this had intensity, magical feelings and emotion.We did not want it to end as the choir left the stage but thankfully returned to loud cheers to sing a few more songs as we were all one in the theatre that evening.

A feel good factor after such a long time of uncertainty and each and everyone that evening went home with good feelings and energy.So an end to the festival, but what a finale to the fifteenth season. Roberto and his team should be proud as the Jazz Voyeur Festival was inaugurated in 2004, bringing artists and fans together in Mallorca to enjoy our passion for jazz, and most of all music. Long may it continue…

I met Roberto after the show to congratulate him and also enjoyed time with some of the choir including Katie Graham. Such a lovely person, emitting happiness and friendliness. They were thrilled to be in Mallorca. Next stop, next day was Barcelona and onwards.

London is on their wish list to perform as they have never visited the UK. I surely pray that they will visit. Watch this space. I will be keeping in touch as they say, with Katie and the choir so check them out online and please do check out Celebrity Magazine online too at www.celebritymallorca.es David Whitney