Judge Jules Live Stream

Judge Jules – Live Streams

Judge Jules will be live-streaming direct to your living rooms every Saturday night during lockdown.

Please see the full info from the man himself, Mr. Judge Jules on our YouTube channel…


How’s it going Judge Jules here I hope you’re dealing with these weird weird times as best you possibly can. Well of course last Saturday night we did the first DJ livestream of my life from my living room and the amount of people that tuned in was simply amazing in the hundreds of thousands so all of you that came and joined us thank you so much for coming on board so what we’re gonna do throughout this strange time in all of our lives until so-called mass gatherings are allowed to take place again is go back into my living room and do some live streams as part of some of the big promoters sets doing virtual festivals and I’ve been involved with over the years we’re going to do it every single week so what’s gonna happen is my regular global warm-up show can be listened to online including via Facebook live and YouTube between 7:00pm and 9:00pm every Saturday night but of course that’s not audio-visual but at 7p.m. I’m gonna be going live from my turntables in my lounge it sounds very weird to be saying it that’s 9 p.m. every Saturday night for the foreseeable future every week in tandem with some of my favourite promoters on this occasion on this forthcoming Easter Saturday I’m going to be doing it alongside the Blackpool Festival and Blackpool rocks they’re doing a huge 24 hour event raising money for the NHS blue skies charity so 24 hours of some of your favourite DJs including Paul Oakenfold, Sonique, Danny Howard and Dave Pearson of course me judge Jules loads and loads of others you can check it out via my socials check it out on Facebook that’s my page hopefully making this particularly difficult time seemed a bit more tolerable. Now of course where you listen to it is your choice it can be your shed it could be your toilet or most importantly and hopefully your living room 9:00 p.m.this forthcoming Saturday night Easter Saturday with me Judge Jules

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