Jazz Voyero Festival

by David Whitney

They say music heals the soul and brings warmth to you and I must agree as I was able to attend two magnificent concerts held at Son Amar over the last few weeks. Son Amar as many know is a superb venue with their world class dinner show event. Now due to restrictions Son Amar has been converted to a theatre design and is the venue for the Jazz Voyero Festival concerts.
I would have loved to have visited all of the concerts there but time did not allow. I hope many of you did attend. If not, then do look out for the concerts that this island is proud to present. We all need to lift our spirits in challenging times and my spirit was lifted when I saw those two amazing concerts at Son Amar. I admit. I do not understand Catalan but it mattered not when you had a big band and the renowned Maria del Mar Bonet performing on the night. It was the opening night of the 14th edition of the festival and Maria was paying tribute to Bonet de Sant  Pere with the big band directed by the so talented Toni Cuenca who has worked with the legendary Bonet de Sant  Pere. 
The big band played on their own between songs and we all felt that we were back in the 1930’s when big bands ruled. The voice of Maria could not be faulted and was strong and wonderful. So, the songs were in Catalan but it made no difference to the feeling of hearing such passionate songs .I am sure many in the audience agreed. It was a wonderful evening and a privilege to hear such a famous singer in surroundings that brought us all together in one big jazz club.
For me that was not the end but the beginning of a few superb weeks. A few smaller concerts that I attended kept the music flowing inside but wow as they say when I represented Celebrity magazine at what was a concert that will live in your minds forever. The Festival excelled, when the legendary Sax player Charles Lloyd flew to this small island from the USA to perform at Son Amar. He is really a legend and at 83 years old, you would not believe it as he took to the stage with is pianist who himself was mesmerising when playing alone for the large audience enjoying this jazz night. The Cello and drum player were again an act in themselves but it was Charles Lloyd that had the audience standing to their feet for more.
Charles Lloyd some may ask?? Well, born in Memphis in 1918 he took to playing the sax at 9 years old and has not stopped. Touring the World and creating albums and his album Forest Flower recorded at the Monterey Jazz Festival sold over 1 million copies. He has played with some of the greats in LA and beyond and even played with the Beach Boys. Like many musicians, some time in their life they drop out as did Charles in the 1970’s and moved to the Big Sur to find himself and indeed he did when he started his jazz playing again in the early 80’s with new albums. Charles Lloyd was back and we thank him for that. His concert at Son Amar, so causal at times watching his musicians play together or alone whilst he sat and listened to them playing and then playing with them or alone but the sax had life with Charles Lloyds fingers moving so fast over the saxophone. A character for sure, fun and presence drawing the audience in. That is Charles lloyd and I am honoured and privileged to have been there on the night to see such a true legend and long may he continue to bring joy and his music to many for years to come. 
The music continues so do look out and check out what is coming your way. Music,as I said raises your spirits and at these two concerts my spirits were high and I left Son Amar feeling revitalised as did all who went to those concerts. Music, we all love it and so look out for more concerts and coverage in Celebrity Mallorca magazine at celebritymallorca.es