High Vibes!

Lets glow!


Hello! It’s a pleasure to be sharing with you my knowledge and experiences on hair, beauty and well-being. I’ll be spotlighting some of the latest treatments and experiences to achieve that optimum glow from the inside out.

I’m 49; I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. I was born in Wales, opened my first salon at 19, second at 23, and became a Health and Beauty lecturer at 40.

I moved to Mallorca 7years ago looking for a new lifestyle balance and to work freelance in the hair and makeup area of media & events.

I’m passionate about the balance of mind, body and soul, taking a spiritual approach to achieving that harmonious natural radiance.

Eye Of The Beholder..?

Beauty, Noun;   A combination of qualities such as shape, colour, form that pleases the senses especially the sight. What is beauty?…Vibrant flowers, dazzling turquoise seas, and tangerine sunsets. These wonders do not try to be beautiful- they just are. Lets take this into account before we judge and compare ourselves to others rather than admire our individuality, be kind to others and ourselves, be comfortable in our own skin. That’s essence of real beauty.

Wellness, harmonizing of the mind body and soul

Physical health -Exercise. Strong muscle memory, healthy heart, great circulation

Balanced diet -Variety of foods to fuel and nourish our bodies

Positive mental &emotional health- Balanced emotional state, feeling comfortable and confident in ourselves to be able to function positively and productivity.

This is the key combination required for total well-being.

The Elixir of Life!

Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty you are already de-hydrated?

Water is probably the closest thing to the fountain of youth…

As adults we are 60% water and our blood is 90%water.

De-hydration causes fine lines and wrinkles, can lead to skin disorders and premature aging. Think of it as our internal moisturizer.

Drinking 2.5 to 3.5 litres a day is beneficial in weight loss. It suppresses appetite, aids digestion and carries nutrients around the body. It also detoxes our liver helping rid those nasty hangovers!

Not a fan of water? Try adding a few citrus &cucumber slices and ice and pop it in your favourite wine glass. Set an alarm to remind you to stay healthily hydrated

Honey you’re the Bee’s knees

Locally sourced honey is widely considered to be one of the most incredible ingredients of nature that can do wonders for your health and skin. It contains vital skin ingredients called propolis and bee pollen, which you’ll find in most hair and skincare products and may be the answer to many health problems.

What are the health and beauty benefits?

Honey is a natural humectant. It hydrates the body from the inside out and outside in.  It’s moisture attracting properties help reduce premature aging. It also is beneficial in lowering our cholesterol, and blood pressure and its packed with an beneficial array of multivitamins and minerals.

*Great pore cleanser & gentle exfoliator with antiseptic properties to zap spots heal acne and brighten a dulled complexion

*Lightens scar tissue and reduces swelling calms rosacea and psoriasis

*Soothes sunburn, heals wounds and repairs skin damage

Home remedies and beauty tips using honey

*Deep cleanser; honey, lemon, & lavender with sea salt or oatmeal for preferred texture massaged over your skin for several minutes, rinse with warm water.

*Firming, brightening facemask; honey, baking soda and egg whisked together and applied with a soft brush. Rinse after 20mins with warm water 

*Overnight lip recovery remedy; Vaseline and honey, apply before bedtime after a light scrub with your toothbrush.

*Sensitive skin facemask; Green tea, honey almond oil.

*Nourishing facemask; Honey, cinnamon, turmeric, natural yoghurt.

*Substitute the sugar in your tea and coffee for honey, drizzle it over your fruit and yoghurt, add it to your salad dressings and smoothies..

Honey you will look and feel like the bees knees!…