By David Whitney 

It was a delight to once more attend the Media presentation held at Wellies in Portals today, the 3rd March with the media, radio and tv stations all in attendance for what was the presentation for one of the most prestigious Car Rallies of the year and of Europe and it is here on the island of Mallorca. Last year the Rally was sadly restricted so the general public were unable to get close to the cars and drivers due to Covid hitting us all but thankfully this year the restrictions are no more. All can enjoy this wonderful event, get up to the cars, take photos and talk with the drivers or pilots as they say!!! All this starts next Thursday 10th March from the home base of the Rally, Puerto Portals which is the cars home for all the cars taking part in this 3 day rally. The Rally sponsored by Puerto Portals, Brose and the Foundation of Mallorca tourism welcomes drivers and cars from across Europe, thrilling fans and spectators not only in the pits open free to all but across the island as all can see the cars racing on the roads. Some roads are closed to the public as to be fair as some of these cars are fully blown rally cars and there are no speed limits although stage timing is key for some classes of cars taking part. It is fun to take part but serious also as we are seeing top drivers taking part. 
This is the 18th year of the Rally so do not miss coming along next Thursday 10th March in the afternoon to view the cars up close, take photos and chat to the drivers, many of whom are true rally drivers of Europe and beyond. There are cars from the 30’s, 40’s 50’s, 60’s, USA cars, Porsches of many years and more plus Rally cars made only for Rallies and not the road. Some 105 cars are registered to take part and there are cars from Germany, Spain, the UK and throughout Europe with full sponsored cars. This is a real Rally and each day they return to base so get your free programme, see where they race each day as the stages are island wide. It is fun and yes, those engines can be loud. They start the rally early evening with each car having their time for leaving the start ramp and onto the marina front and onto the streets..Different and exciting with a super atmosphere at the start and in the bars.
The presentation told us all about the race, some of the drivers and a photo call after outside next to the Organisers. Antonio Dezcallar’s own E. Type jaguar. What a back drop with the Yachts and Palm trees. We could have been in Monaco but for me I would rather have been in Puerto Portals and I was. Make sure you do go along next Thursday afternoon. For all details of the Rally, the stages, the cars and more then do visit the Rally website at
Celebrity Mallorca Magazine will be there for the Rally start and some stages so look out for our article and photos at So start your engines and start your Rally day experience from Thursday 10th March. You will not be disappointed.