First Restaurant-Tailored Dinner Show on Mallorca Launches 

Palma Based Restaurant To Host a Weekly Dinner Show Of Music, Magic and Theatre

Recently, a first-of-its-kind dinner show concept will arrive on the island. Unlike existing offerings whereby the food takes a back seat to the show, “A-Live” is an evening of entertainment that takes place in an existing restaurant, with the acts built around the establishment and its facilities.

“The stage is the restaurant itself, the entertainment built around the dining experience,” says Mariska Meijer of The Cast Company, “We work together with business owners to create an immersive dining experience that reflects the style and atmosphere of the establishment.”

The first of these tailor made dinner show events will be held in seafood restaurant, La Pescaderia de Andi, under the title ‘A-Live’. It promises to be a unique and exclusive evening, packed with surprising acts of singing, dancing, magic, music, theater and varieté, telling the story of a Cuban fisherman and his journey to Mallorca.

“La Pescaderia de Andi is a relaxed family restaurant, with a vibrant and colourful dinner format. Drama and fun has always been an integral part of our dining concept, which is based on a Middle Eastern small plates sharing experience. Adding music and theatre to our offering is a natural fit,” says manager Keren Visser.

The Première on the 15th of June 2022 was by invitation only and is now open to the public every Wednesday night until the end of September, with a view to expanding to a second evening held on the weekend. The Cast Company aims to offer tailor made dinner shows to establishments year round, across the island, with cast members consisting of local talent from Mallorca.

The Cast Company is a trademark of Theater aan het Water (Theater at the Water) in the Netherlands, with 25 years of experience in creating and producing theatre and dinner show events. They carefully select the artists to feature in tailor made shows for restaurants and events to provide a unique experience for guests. The team consists of professionals with many years of experience in television and live entertainment, such as Endemol and Cirque du Soleil.

The Cast Company is a brand of Theater aan het Water in the Netherlands. +34 633693117 / +31 (0) 652447005