Fashion Trends we might see an end to in 2023?

Trends aren’t inherently bad; they keep things fresh and play an important role in pushing fashion forward. With that said, there are good ones and bad ones. Some have staying power while the rest will invariably leave you cringing at your poor style choices a few years down the line.

For our money, all of the trends and pieces listed below fall firmly into the latter of those two camps, so keep scrolling to see what we want men’s fashion to ditch in 2023.


We still can’t actually believe we’re having to type this, but somehow mullets have been making a comeback. Blame TikTok, blame Gen Z, blame the unrelenting and indiscriminate recycling of decades-old trends, but whatever the reason for this god-awful trim’s resurgence, we’d urge you to STEER CLEAR.


Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a good moustache on the right face. A bit of upper-lip foliage can be a great option if it’s backed up by a strong jaw and the confidence to pull it off.

That said, there’s a real danger at the moment of us collectively walking into a situation not dissimilar to ‘peak beard’ in the early 2010s. A lot of people are growing moustaches now, including plenty who don’t quite have the growth to carry it off.

Wraparound Shades

Are you a cyclist, runner or short-tempered American cop with a military haircut? If not, then why are you wearing wraparound sunglasses? Hey, each to their own. If you genuinely like the way the look then you do you, but from where we’re standing this bears all the hallmarks of a flash in the pan that’ll have you cringing at photos in a few years’ time.

Skinny Jeans

Some guys are STILL clinging onto their skinny jeans… or maybe they just physically can’t get them off. Either way, they need to go, and 2023 is the last chance saloon as far as we’re concerned.

What To Wear Instead

You don’t have to go completely the opposite way and start wearing loose-fitting legwear. A slim-fit jean is still a good option as long as it’s not overly tight.

Outside of that, a classic regular fit with a straight or tapered leg hasn’t gone out of fashion in 150 years. How’s that for a safe bet?

Absurdly Baggy Jeans

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, impractically baggy jeans (and pants in general) have been on the rise for a minute. Again, where pants are concerned, it’s best to stay away from the extremes, so this is another one we’d be happy to see the back of in 2023.


They might be comfortable, but so are dressing gowns – it doesn’t mean you should wear them in public. From the moment it began, the whole Crocs thing has smacked of a fleeting fad. Give it another year or two and there’ll be nothing left of it but lingering embarrassment.

What To Wear Instead

Sneakers? A pair of Birkenstocks? Pretty much anything slip-on and comfortable that doesn’t look like a block of emmental cheese.

Tight Tailoring

Tailoring is supposed to fit you, not cut off the circulation to your extremities and stop you from raising arms. Slim and skinny fit suits are another trend that some men still seem to be struggling to let go of.

But it’s not too late to trade your tight-fitting tailoring in, and the beginning of a new year is the perfect excuse.

Broccoli Hair

Shaved back and sides with a big crop of permed, curly locks on the top. Call it what you want, but this monstrosity of a haircut is not going to age well. It’s been ubiquitous among Zoomers for a good few years now, so perhaps the turn of the new year would be a good time to put it to bed once and for all.

Socks And Slides

Your dirty white socks were never supposed to get this much exposure. Wearing sliders might be comfortable for you, but it certainly isn’t for the onlookers. Do us all a favour and put some proper footwear on when you leave the house.