Facials for your home

Biel Huguet (1908) started with a small company based in Campos, Mallorca  dedicated to the fabrication of  cement pieces. Over the years, many cement and  other products have been fabricated in the same way as the company started with – even the machines the using today, are historic and still functioning. Today, the grandson of the founder, who had just finished technical architecture in Barcelona and London, and who was already enrolled to continue studying industrial engineering in Barcelona, decided to return and take care of the family business. He believed in the recovery of traditional architecture and in the promotion of heritage-

Nowadays you could find bathtubs, countertops etc. from natural material mixed with all sorts of ingredients you think of.  Natural, hand-made with their own personality – the perfect balance between craftmanship and sustainability. From a small island company to a bespoken international player – this company works and worked with the best architects and designers and is involved in major projects from hotels to public places or buildings like the Camper showroom in Paris, the Forum in Barcelona and the Palma Sport&Tennisclub from Rafael Vidal. If you enter the showroom in Campus, you will not find arrogant personal or even a fancy  showroom – these people are well-coming and the show-room is their working-space. You get in touch with the material, the machines and workers. They are open to every design you have in mind. By the way, this company works really sustainable, from the material and the recycle the used wooden frames for other products and even the sun works with them, she does the drying process of the tiles not an oven.

Another example of Mallorcas creativity, also a small company called ReviveDecorMallorca and  has a similar credo to design and function: Ernesto (Nino) Barbato and Jill Benz working wonders on boats, cars and home interior and exterior. This happens when you combine Italian design with German precision. Whenever there is a large project, they using a trained crew from Germany to get things done.

The company working with self-adhesive film that transforms surfaces into design-objects, without costing an arm and a leg. Even in terms of speed there are more than fast forward – they can redesign your commercial spaces, your home, or your office in no time when your taste or design requirements change.

Any smooth surface is ideal for the adhesive layer. The self-adhesive film not only offers a wide range of colors, but also brings unique structural patterns with a tactile surface into the home. The film realistically recreates wood patterns and stone decors. Effects such as glitter, metal or abstract shapes create highlights and accents. The easy handling invites you to get creative. 

The decorative film enchants windows and doors. It offers completely new possibilities in creative interior design. The glass decorative film sets surprising accents wherever glass surfaces are to be designed exclusively. The self-adhesive decorative film is of high quality and, thanks to the scratch-resistant film surface, is durable and easy to clean. 

The sustainable films allow resource conservation, as no new furniture or surfaces need to be manufactured. By reusing and enhancing existing materials, the company contribute to minimizing environmental impact. As a matter of fact, you save time, money and protect the environment.On top of that, what makes are home sophisticated, placing art.  

Gallery Red founded by the renowned entrepreneur Drew Aaron and his lovely wife Hana Soukupova, a former model has become a leading contemporary art gallery in the heart of Palmas Old-Town. With 12 exhibition spaces and private showrooms it stands out in the local and global art scene.

Featuring works from established artists like Warhol, Hirst, Basquiat, Calder, Haring, Kruger, Murakami etc. also emerging talents Ruben Martin de Lucas..There is also a so-called gift shop between the galleries where you find flamboyant pieces of art. Definitely the so-called RED-Square is a premier destination for all art enthusiasts. My eye spot this artist: Isabelle Scheltjens has been interested in art since her youth. She studied at SISA, the Antwerp Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts. Her husband Dirk Neefs’ magnificent glass design inspired Isabelle to work with the same material. It took years of intensive practice and juxtaposing countless pieces of colored glass to refine her method and truly master color theory. She developed a unique glass melting technique in which pieces of glass of different colors, sizes and textures are melted together at around 800 °C. The colorful glass pieces are like the pointillists’ color dots: up close they form an abstract image, but from a distance they form a dramatic and precise portrait. Isabelle achieves impressive optical effects with her technique: she captures the dance of light and color in such a way that a photograph transforms it into a black and white image. White or sometimes colorful portrait – the fascinating result of a process based on the perception of the eye and the mind of the viewer. And the best part is, you could use this for creating a bathroom or just the shower area. Whatever motive you like to have, even your own portrait. The frame will be then in stainless steel and behind a glass-panel as a water-shield. Speaking of your own portrait – a home is like your own signature of taste.

My column will help you every month to reveal your currant state and develop your style.