Elysian Concert of the Forest

by David Whitney 

It was not a walk on the wild side but a walk in the magical forest of lights to the outdoor concert of this amazing diverse group Elysian. Their concert held in the wooded grounds of a private Finca in Arta on Saturday October 9th was a challenge for the group as they themselves designed and prepared the walk through the forest to the concert stage area. The theme was fairy tale as those attending the two concerts that night were met with a walkway of guiding lights glowing on the ground, the bushes and in the trees. Their violinist and contra bass player filled the air with music as they welcomed all who walked the forest path where guests were met by a fire dancer adding to the atmosphere along this magical path.
The concert stage and seating then appeared for all to see in a beautiful clearing surrounded by the trees and bushes. Soon in the darkness, lights shone on the stage as Elysian with their talented musicians began their concert. Elysian so versatile in their concert performances chose songs and music this night that complimented the theme of our being in a forest and so it was that Swedish Johanna, the lead singer sang beautiful solo songs to the perfect backing music of the ensemble. There were also solo songs by Nick, Johanna’s Scottish husband with his guitar and other songs were made all that more special by a small choir of four, two of which were the daughters of Johanna and Nick.
The group and it’s musicians were excellent with UK born Tracey Neale on his pedal steel guitar, one of only two on the island adding to the perfection of the music flowing out to the audience. What with Jordi Alvarez, frontman guitarist joining from the band “Big Yu Yu” and Elysian’s own Dito Wiianto they all call the Finnish Viking on violin, bass guitar local Juanan Torandell with Josep Villalonga also from Mallorca on drums and Jordi’s wife Teresa, singer and guitarist. The music and songs had the audience spellbound as the forest also came alive with dancers in flowing costumes complimenting the fairy tale theme to the atmosphere for some of the songs. It was a magical night, two performances and something special and different.
Elysian, a group who can perform all types of music and songs, their own songs and much more. Who could indeed ask for anything more other than when will they be performing again. For more on Elysian and their concerts do please visit their Facebook and You Tube pages. I know that next month there will be another concert. Do not miss it and do check out Celebrity Magazine’s website. You will not be disappointed as new articles appear regularly. www.celebritymallorca.es