Inspiring! WWII hero, Captain Tom Moore raises more than £15 million for charity

WWII veteran, Captain Tom Moore has so far raised over £7 million for the NHS.

World War II hero, Captain Tom Moore, has raised over £15 million for the NHS by walking around his garden a hundred times before he turns 100-years-old.

This inspiring story that has touched the hearts of the UK and people all over the world. It all started when Captain Tom set out to walk 100 times around his 25-metre garden on his Zimmer frame to raise £1,000 for NHS workers. Starting on April 9th and doing several laps every day, Captain Tom has nearly finished his challenge and is overjoyed that he has raised so much money for the NHS.

‘Thank you so much to all the people who have subscribed to the NHS because for every penny that we get, they deserve every one of them,’ he said when asked how he felt by Victoria Derbyshire.

Donations began to climb further after TV presenter, Piers Morgan, called for the war hero to be knighted for his efforts and donated £10,000 himself from his own pocket.

Stories like this keep us all smiling and we think Captain Tom is a true inspiration. Captain Tom is overjoyed by the outpouring of support and love he has felt from supporters around the world.

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