Breathtaking Views, Breathtaking Concert

By David Whitney
For those of you that have not yet taken the opportunity to drive the scenic and challenging road from Valldemossa to Deia, then you are missing out. The views are spectacular with the trees ending at the cliff edge with the magnificent blue sea beyond. The sunsets on this side of the island are magical and something too behold. I had the pleasure of taking that drive on the evening of 9th September but not to Deia but to Sa Marroig being a half way point to Deia.
Here lies the magnificent Country Manor house of Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvador. A house of grand proportions built in the early 19th Century and now a museum dedicated to the life and history of this ecologist and architect. It was here that the concert of the young and Bulgarian born pianist Dina Nedeltcheva was taking place. A beautiful location and inside one of the wonderful rooms of the house. A superb venue for the concert arranged by Alfredo Ardanaz, Director of the XL11 International Music Festival of Deia. 
Dina who lives in Palma with her husband and children has played in concerts Worldwide and started her piano career at the age of 4 years old. A postgraduate at the Mozarteum in Salzburg Dina now has her own music school “Musicalen in Palma and is also a Professor at the Conservatory of Music in Madrid. A so talented pianist and the audience were not to be disappointed. The audience numbers were limited to 80 and all seats were taken as the evening began with Dina playing the beautiful music of Chopin. A short break followed and then a welcome introduction by Alfredo of the quartet joining Dina to play the mesmerising Concierto n. 1 en mi menor Op 11 the version being ensemble de camara. The splendid room, the atmosphere and the music was perfect as the audience rose at the conclusion of the piece. More was wanted and Dina gladly returned to close with one of her own pieces. A wonderful evening of music sadly came to an end with Dina and her quartet posing for photos and chatting to myself and others. It was then back to the dark and windy road and onwards to Valldemossa and beyond. So do check out Dina’s website at and remember the Music Festival of Deia has more concerts to come. For details see