BREAKING NEWS: Mallorca Reacts to New Airport Plans

Residents and businesses in Calvia have this morning been giving us their reaction to the announcement of a planned second airport for Mallorca.

In 2019 a series of crunch talks took place between local councils, residents and transport officials to discuss expansion of Mallorca’s San Joan Airport on the outskirts of Palma. No resolution could be found, and it has been confirmed this morning that instead of developing the existing PMI site, a NEW location has been found for a proposed second airport for largest of the Balearic Islands.

Consultations have been ongoing regarding the location of the new airport for months, and a unanimous decision was finally reached. 

It has been agreed that the proposed new airport will be located on the edge of Magaluf, in Calvia.

The expected cost of the new single-terminal facility will be in the region of €500m and will be privately funded by the owners of Gatwick Airport in the U.K. Work is due to begin on July 1st 2020 and is targeted for completion by April 1st 2022.

New Airport Director, former air-travel rewards founder – German born, Herr Miles, said “This new facility will bring a much-needed tourist travel hub for the island. Palma Airport simply cannot cope with any additional air traffic as it’s already stretched to capacity. Some days in the height of the season there is a plane taking off or landing every 5 minutes. Our new Magaluf regional facility will certainly ease some of the pressure from the main airport. We are, of course, pleased that we will be providing many new jobs and will give numerous catering franchise opportunities within the departures terminal.”

It has been well documented that Magaluf is one of the hottest party spots in Europe, so to have a new transportation hub located only minutes from ‘The Strip’ has been welcomed by local hoteliers and restaurant owners.

Charismatic Magaluf restaurant owner, Chris P. Bacon was elated. He excitedly told our reporter, April, “After all that’s gone on this year, this news is great, it can only mean quicker and easier access for tourists to get to my restaurant to start spending their money”.

Other local businesses are seemingly very excited too. Ms.Vye Agra, who runs the nearest Farmacia to the proposed new airport, remarked “We are hoping to see a huge rise in our customers. When the project is complete it will be a big climax”. Commenting on the planned new structure and architectural design, Ms. Agra said, “It’s going to be a truly majestic erection”.

Leaked plans for the new Aeropuerto de Magaluf, which will no doubt be quickly shortened by tourists to MAGWICK, seem to show that the new runway will be laid on the current four lanes of public road between Pirates Show and the Magaluf Athletics track, with the new terminal and taxi rank being located on what is currently wasteland behind the BH Hotel and Waterpark.

Whilst the proposed project was met with enthusiasm from Calvia businesses, the reaction from nearby residents was less positive.

We spoke with some of them to get their take on the new airport. 

Longtime Magaluf homeowner and self-confessed middle-aged party animal, Eve Yurpanzov, said,”I’m not sure the local infrastructure is ready to support a new a new airport of this size but planes full of hot guys arriving daily to my doorstep can’t be a bad thing”

Eve’s neighbour and friend, Phil Landers, commented “Personally, I think the planes will be a bit noisy, but the council have promised us they won’t be so they must be right. They wouldn’t lie to us.”

So, it’s fair to say there has been mixed reaction to the news of Mallorca’s proposed second airport. What are your thoughts?

We look forward to hearing your comments.

Signing off on this BIG Celebrity News Story, Celebrity Magazine reporter: April Phoole.