Autumn in the Soller Valley

By Soller Shirley

November dawns and the Soller Valley transforms itself into its Autumn Vibe.  The weather can range from being summer to winter in the space of a day and then turn back again. Little rain means life continues for all the outdoor pursuits which locals and visitors enjoy.  Walking, cycling, and even swimming in the sea is all a feature of November. The main difference is the length of the daylight and how early it becomes dark. 

Local people, in their winter breaks from work, begin to join the customers in the bars and restaurants.  November is a great catch-up month with all those not seen all summer as they have been so busy. End of season parties begin this month then tired people sleep, and catch up on the jobs left undone, at home during the summer.  Many folk carrying tins of white paint are visible at this time of year.  Lots of sprucing up the house ready for the festive season.

Another November tradition is for local weddings.  Many of those getting married this month have assisted at the many weddings the Soller Valley has hosted in 2023.  Now it’s their turn and St Bartholomew’s church in the Placa is a popular venue. Families gather and the time of year means most are available to party.  Some very large venues throughout the Valley with private caterers are the hot tickets of November.

The Soller Valley people love live music. This can be in restaurants, in the Placa or in any one of the church venues which host fine classical music.  St Cecilia (the Patron Saint of Music) is celebrated here.  Her concerts, which involve lots of local musicians, happen around 22nd November each year.

The return of the chatter to the valley is what Sollerics love most.  The coffee and the catch-up or the early evening drink remind them that it really is November. Soller is a working town and the Port of Soller is a commercial fishing harbour.  People get up each day and go to work and the children to school. Many other places in Mallorca are tourist resorts open from April to October and then are shuttered for 5 months of the year. Soller has six public schools and over 1500 children going to school each day. Normal life exists around all the visitors and those for whom this place is a second home or holiday location.

Indeed, it is the ‘normal’ vibe which gives the Soller Valley its heart.  The scenery is second to none, the beach and boat life is extraordinary, and many of the restaurants are gourmet delights. Nevertheless, this is ‘home’ to 13,500 people and they welcome all who love it.