How else can you describe what was a magical evening of classical music set in the beautiful grounds of La Residencia in Deia. The small, but intimate event area, a short walk from the hotel and along a winding path surrounded by plants and trees provided spectacular views over Deia and the sea beyond. The walk was special in itself. What an event setting as those lucky enough to attend took to their seats with drinks from the small bar set up for the evening. None of us could imagine what was to come.

The concert, one of events of the International Music Festival of Deia was arranged through Hanna Bornebusch, the hotel PR who mingled with the guests and all were made very welcome indeed. For those who have not been to Deia, then do so. It is one of Mallorca’s gems with scenery that it out of a fairytale. The small village nestled in it’s valley with the deep blue colours of the sea in the distance is one that should not be missed. The concert setting provided all guests with those breathtaking views.

The evening concert on Thursday 24thJune began under the clear blue skies with the amazing and humorous violinist Gilles Apap, Algerian born of a French family, described by the legendary Yehudi Menuhin, a lifelong friend as one of the ”true violinists of the 21stCentury” and accompanied on the Grand piano by Alfredo Oyaguez, Master of Music of Yale University and the artistic Director of the Deia Festival since 2000. The music created an atmosphere of wonderment with pieces from Mozart and Chopin together with some fast Romanian folk music. As the concert flowed the sun began to set creating a wonderful sunset. What more could you desire as the break in the concert saw the sun slowly fade away as the cameras or phones as it is now took in the colours and the slowness of light to dark as guests posed for photos and why not!!!

Hanna introduced us to Gilles and Alfredo and later their good friend and superb violinist American born, Byron Wallis, who had celebrated his birthday that day. To the delight of all a duo of violins followed in synchronisation with faultless music as the still night air rejoiced to their music as did all the guests with loud applause. It was a memorable evening at La Residencia who welcomes all to visit and you should do so.
The concert was part of the International Music Festival of Deia so do check out other events in their schedule on I am certain you will not be disappointed. The quality of the events is second to none. So thanks to La Residencia, to Hanna and to the players who took us all away from the from the day to day worries and into a World of relaxation, enjoyment and serenity.