Alma – An Acoustic Duo with Soul

By Ben Mulvey

Alma is a multi-talented singing duo that writes and rearranges their own music, taking their influence from retro vibes, Latin sounds and chilled arrangements. Celebrity Magazine sat down with recently them to find out what they have been working on since lockdown, what their plans are for the summer and to find out all about their new album. Meet Alicia Nilsson and Martin Weiss…

Alicia and Martin met at a gig that they were both performing in Germany in 2019 – Martin as a guitarist and Alicia providing the vocal talent. This chance meeting was love at first sight and the couple quickly began collaborating and sharing their passion for music. 

Alicia was born in Sweden to Swedish and Argentinian parents and spent her early years travelling the world as part of a circus troupe, her parents were performing motorcycle stunts at the time and Alicia quickly became involved in their exciting lifestyle. This ignited her passion for performing and before long she branched out on her own and started singing professionally and creating her own music around the world, performing in Mallorca and around Europe for over twenty years in well-known venues around the island.

Martin was born and raised in Germany and found his passion for music, guitar in particular, at a young age. After studying jazz guitar in the Netherlands, Martin worked as a professional guitarist, touring the world with famous artists such as Gloria Gaynor and Chris De Burgh amongst others. Martin also worked in producing a well-known guitar magazine in Germany and spent a lot of his time producing records and creating musical arrangements.

It was during the worldwide lockdown that Alicia and Martin’s creative partnership really gained momentum. With time to reflect, to rest, and to assess what it is they wanted to do in their careers, the couple began working on their latest album “Gracias a la vida”. 

“We wanted to create something that meant something to us and the album is a mix of songs from around the world, that my father loved. Some of them are over 100 years old,” Alicia tells me. “Lockdown gave us the chance to spend every evening together, with our families, which is something that we don’t get to do very often as performers.”

The album itself transports you to a simpler time, with expertly arranged musical scores, a refreshing take on old and familiar classics and flawless vocals. Listening to the album, I felt like I was in a private concert and that every lyric was loaded with meaning and sentiment.

Aside from their own recording projects, Alicia and Martin have also been working on a musical called “China Girl” that was due to be on tour last year but was ultimately delayed due to the restrictions that were introduced during the pandemic.

“China Girl” is a reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet set in New York at the turn of the Millennium that features the music of the legendary David Bowie, expertly rearranged by Alma specifically for the show. It tells the story of “the westernised residents from “Little Italy” and the Chinese immigrants”. It is a story about eternal love and fatal enmity between the run-down backyards, cookshops, junk stores and upscale restaurants of Manhattan’s Chinatown. The show was originally scheduled for 104 shows and is now back to thrill audiences with the first show since the restrictions were lifted taking place in Munich back at the end of February.

Based in Algaida, when the couple is not touring, Alicia and Martin spend time with their family and perform around the island. This summer they already have a packed schedule with performances at many private events and concerts. They are also working on their next album which is due to be released in the middle of the summer.

In September, Martin and Alicia will be back on tour with “China Girl” and until then will spend their summer on the island, entertaining us all with their acoustic sound.

Should you be interested in hiring Martin and Alicia for private events, candlelight concerts or local gigs, get in touch with them through their website

Their latest album “Gracias a la vida” is available on Spotify or on iTunes or search for them on YouTube. Their next album is due to be released this summer and Celebrity Magazine will have all the latest news and updates.

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