Once again, an evening to remember as myself and our Celebrity contributor Betina Von Hohendorff were kindly invited by Alfredo Oyaguez, Director of the International Music Festival of Deia to what was a wonderful concert at the beautiful Finca hotel Sa Bassa Rotja located on the outskirts of Porreres.

The evening was one of clear skies and the stars shone on Enrique Pastor and Co whose ensemble must clearly be one of the most talented jazz bands on what is an island of talent. Amazing that Mallorca has so much talent from jazz, rock, contemporary and tech music. Something for all and we must be grateful for such a diverse selection of music. Something for all ages and long may that continue and grow.Sa Bassa Rotja hotel is unique and it’s restaurant area is one that conveys an atmosphere of relaxation for both guests and visitors alike, covered by a wonderful roof with low lighting making it the perfect setting for small concerts with perfect acoustics. Celebrity Magazine is delighted to be invited to report on many local events and concerts to bring our readers, both in our published magazine but also online where many more articles are to be found. I, for one am grateful that Celebrity Magazine is gaining a positive reputation on it’s coverage of island wide events, concerts of the big stars, private events and bringing superb articles on those that live on the island, visit or have a business here. I am pleased to be part of the team as Celebrity Magazine continues to bring more reports to all and the feedback locally is definitely one of positivity. So, an evening of excellent jazz by Enrique whose playing of the violin is one to behold with a style of his own, his love for the jazz flows across the air and his accompaniment on drums, Cello and piano brings everything together which cannot be faulted. Slow jazz, classical jazz and joyful jazz made for a wonderful evening for guests and visitors alike. Enrique and his band as I call it have personality and this can be seen when they play. The audience appreciated this and following the concert all were happy for photos and to talk to all on a one to one basis. Friendly, laughs, and jazz under the stars on what was a memorable evening. The band part of the XL1V International Music Festival International of Deia arranged by Alfredo sadly comes to an end at Son Morroig on Thursday 29th September. For details do visit their website www.dimf.com.

Do not miss our next issue of Celebrity Magazine which is out soon to enjoy. For more details, articles and much more from our team please do visit www.celebritymallorca.es. David Whitney