For all who live on this beautiful and diverse island of mountains, beaches, and wonderful countryside, then Deia must be one of those places that you have visited. Certainly, the attraction of Deia and it’s amazing location draws visitors from around the Globe. I happily accepted my invitation from the iconic Belmond La Residencia hotel to visit this small but attractive village on Friday 3rd June. A warm but cloudy evening did not affect the spirits of the invited guests to what was the first concert of the Deia Cultural series. A wonderful village and the series of concerts in different hotels around Deia is a must for all those that love and enjoy music from classical to jazz and Flamenco. You must visit their website to see the list of concerts and reserve your place as all are limited. Myself and some close friends were the lucky ones as the invitation from Hanna Bornebusch, the PR Manager came early. It was a delight to see and hear the music of Joaquin Moreno and his ensemble whose Flamenco jazz was the best I have heard. Characters all and the audience could not disagree that the setting in the specially designed area within the high gardens of this beautiful hotel was something to behold. Flamenco jazz maybe new to some but it was played magnificently and was faultless. We arrived at the hotel awaiting a night to remember. Some were guests of the hotel and others invited to the first of the concert series. This new concert area used last year is perfect and above the hotel, so a walk along a little path filled with flowers called Poets walk is interesting in itself. Big rocks with metal sculptured faces on each of famous poets along the walk does slow you down. Well worthwhile for photos and also a few benches well placed with a line from some of the poems including of course from Deia’s famous Robert Graves. The Casa of Robert Graves is preserved in a time warp of how it was with the furniture and displays. It’s where Robert Graves lived and wrote his many poems and books known and admired, discussed and analysed by scholars and groups throughout the World. Another place to visit if you have not done so. So seats were ready, a bar was serving vino, beer and water and guests were enjoying the company of each other waiting in anticipation for the start of the concert. Soon we were sitting and hearing a informative and humorous introduction to the concert and series by Hanna and Ana Llompart who helps organise the concert series. The introduction was in both Spanish and English so I was relieved as my Spanish is, I am often told non existent. That’s another story, but we were soon lifted in awe by the sounds of the guitars and, I call it a percussion drum box by the most talented Joaquin Moreno, Toni Cuenca and Benji Habichuela. The synergy was clear to see and you could feel the connection between them which brought the audience to their feet at the finale of a wonderful evening in a setting surrounded by hills, mountains and all sharing the sunset. A location hard to beat for sure and Celebrity Magazine is delighted to report and support these local concerts. Enjoy an evening out and check out the website for future concerts. Most of all read Celebrity Magazine and do please visit our website at www.celebritymallorca.es. So much to read. Interviews, discover new places to eat, drink and do remember our previous, and the new edition of the magazine can also be read online. More to come so do go online for news and more. You will not be disappointed. ByDavid Whitney