Teeth reflect your style and have a major influence on a persons’s appearance. Before getting into the shape of your home, or dressing-up with new clothing – have a closer look at yourself in the mirror. If your mirror is smiling back with a bright healthy mouth full of teeth – then you could move forward to other things in life. If not, than start to get your teeth in order. Especially when it comes to your health – than look for quality of your dentist. Even there the first impression counts – how does the entry room look like, the receptionist and the doctor himself. I found one of the best specialists in the field. Dr. Ralf Masur – one of the leading European implantologists and a pioneer of modern implantology with numerous innovations. He says: “My focus has always been to minimize the burden on my patients while achieving faster and better healing results.” He further counts: “I consider it as a gift that I have been able to place more than 60.000 implants during the past 25 years. The associated appreciation and trust of my, our patients make me proud.”  and i have to say, he and his wife could be proud. This reflects their personal style when you enter one of their clinics.

 We all know the saying – “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – regarding the issue, i would say – brushing your teeth keeps the dentist away – saying that, there are new stylish and functional options out there.

Oral care isn’t easy and electric toothbrushes have solved only a third of the problem… which is why the folks behind the OraWand have a better, 3-in-1 solution that takes care of all your oral hygiene needs. Built with a modular design, the OraWand alternates between being an electric toothbrush, flosser, and tongue scraper. Its clever design features easy-to-snap-on biodegradable modules that can be discarded after use, and a narrow form factor that reaches the corners of your mouth without causing you to gag. The electric brush induces 37,000 vibrations per minute, dislodging particles and scraping plaque, while the handheld tongue scraper and flosser (designed to be used without the electric vibrations) give you a 3-in-1 solution that has you covered at all times. The OraWand’s design is optimized for travel. Unlike most electric toothbrushes that are designed to perpetually stand on your bathroom countertop, the OraWand features a slim design and a cover cap that allows you to slide it right into a purse, backpack, or travel case. The cover cap also doubles as a floss storage capsule that lets you carry up to 10 floss heads that should easily get you through long holidays with ease! The OraWand comes in two colors.

Although Ozone-enriched mouthwashes are still considered cutting edge technology, most dentists will agree that traditional mouthwash like Chlorhexidine is pretty bad for your teeth when used regularly. Your mouth needs good bacteria for maintaining hygiene, and your powerful minty mouthwash can often destroy the good bacterial culture, making your teeth and gums more vulnerable over time. The solution? Water! Well, not regular water… but rather, Ozone-enriched water, which has a 99% effectiveness rating against bad bacteria that causes plaque buildup.

While Ozone-enriched water was previously available only commercially and in highly specialized medical setups, OENKLEN brings that technology to your bathroom countertop. Barely the size of a coffee machine, OENKLEN turns regular tap water into ozone-rich water in mere seconds. You can use this water as a mouthwash, to rinse your toothbrush, sanitize your braces/retainers overnight, and build an entire daily oral-care routine with OENLKEN. The Ozone-rich water is capable of sterilizing without any harmful chemicals and solvents, and significantly reduces dental plaque, preventing cavities, sensitivity, and bleeding gums over the long term. It doesn’t have that overpowering minty taste either, which often leaves your mouth feeling ‘burnt’ instead of ‘fresh’. The way OENKLEN works is just about as simple as it gets. Pour regular water in, the machine does its work by using patented technology to electrolyze the water and break down the oxygen molecules into nascent atoms that bind to the remaining O2 molecules to form O3 or ozone. The entire process takes just 5 seconds, and the resulting ozone-rich water is 100% natural and organic, elder/children friendly, non-alcoholic (unlike most mouthwashes), and has anti-cavity, anti-bacterial, and anti-halitosis (bad breath) properties. The OENKLEN device offers 4 modes to choose from – a daily mode, deep mode, irrigator mode, and a ‘more’ mode. An app lets you further customize your ozonated water by choosing the O3’s intensity, to help fight more nagging problems like cavities, halitosis, or smoke stains.

We don’t realize how much waste toothpaste tubes actually create. We brush our teeth twice a day, fingers-crossed, and go through multiple tubes of toothpaste in a matter of a couple of weeks.Creating a solution for the waste created by disused toothpaste tubes, Özbalcı and Çağlayan developed Mimo, a refillable toothpaste tube. Traditional toothpaste tubes we buy at the grocery store are typically constructed with a thin layer of aluminum and various types of plastic that make it nearly impossible for toothpaste tubes to degrade and recycle. Designed for those who’d like to live an eco-conscious, sustainable lifestyle, Mimo is a warm refillable toothpaste tube concept that would brighten up any bathroom. Inspired by the pastel color palette of Pantone shades, Mimo’s toothpaste containers have been conceptualized in an array of muted color schemes, each keeping an opaque, speckled top layer as well. Equipped with a refilling basin, Mimo fills each tube up from the bottom through a pressure pump that’s encased in each basin. The transparent bottom half of Mimo indicates the toothpaste level so over-filling won’t be an issue. Designed in a similar fashion to refillable water bottles, Mimo comes as a cylinder container with a wrist strap that allows for easy portability and carrying. The toothpaste pump works in just the same way as a hand soap pump, squeezing out toothpaste for users as needed.

Enough of mouthwatering info – as we know, Brad is always on the lookout for innovations and keeps you posted every month. Keep on smiling.