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Happy Cats in Deia

Sadly all good things come to an end and so it was that the final concert of the season held at the Mirador Belmont La Residencia took place on August 19th, but what a finale as the Deia Cultural Festival closed the season at the hotel with a French/English jazz group. Celebrity Magazine were delighted to be invited once again to another wonderful event held at this iconic hotel. I try to bring local events to all and Celebrity magazine continues to expand its coverage of all things local and this concert was one to behold as the group “Happy Cats” certainly had the guests purring.

The concert held at the bespoke concert area above the hotel was full and the evening sun, was thankfully not blazing down on us as the group was introduced by PR Manager, Hanna Bornebusch to invited guests, both local and international. Happy Cats and a Happy evening for certain and what were we to expect?. I had not seen them before but I certainly shall again as the music was mesmerising with super jazz, players enjoying the venue and the appreciation of the audience. The sun slowly dipped below the mountains at this beautiful location and the air was filled with jazz that I had not heard before. It was jazzNmore as they say on their website. With singer Christa Elmer, Pedro Riestra and Soriana Ivaniv. Do check them out for future concert dates.

One of the best I have heard and well done to the Festival and Hanna in creating, a not to be forgotten final concert of their season. With drinks from the portable bar always available for such concerts, a background of mountains and sunset with music filling the air. No better way then to bid farewell for the moment to what was a season of concerts of the highest quality at the hotel. A friendly group talking and posing for photos after the concert, new friends made and dates noted for the future. Well done to all and please do check out our published Celebrity Magazine distributed to quality locations around the island and check online where you will find many more articles, new events and much more on www.celebritymallorca.es Enjoy and look out for my next article and those of our super team.

By David Whitney